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Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT)
Winter 2016 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year from CAMI Health, Secretariat to the Initiative for MPTs (IMPT)! We just wrapped up another successful year as the product neutral convener of the IMPT, working hard to advance the multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) field as our global initiative continues to grow.

We are thrilled to see progress in the development of many promising MPT products, some of which are highlighted below. The developing array of MPTs will improve the lives of women and their families by putting the power of broader spectrum prevention in the hands of women and adolescent girls. These tools will not only be a boon to health, but will also enhance the ability of young women to pursue their educational and economic goals and have healthy families. In addition to streamlining and advancing the scientific agenda and enhancing funder collaboration, the IMPT Secretariat works to ensure that the diverse needs and circumstances of women and girls are at the forefront of MPT research.

The coming year promises more exciting developments for MPTs, and as Secretariat, we will continue our work to raise the most critical issues, facilitate cross-disciplinary conversations, and identify next steps for the field. On behalf of the IMPT, thank you for your steadfast commitment to women and girls. We are excited about the work ahead of us to make simultaneous prevention a reality and we hope you will join us by supporting our efforts!


Bethany Young Holt

Bethany Young Holt, PhD MPH
Director | Initiative for MPTs
Executive Director | CAMI Health

Bethany Young Holt
The IMPT Secretariat is grateful for the tireless work of our partners, who champion the MPT field in priority areas across the globe. These dedicated individuals and organizations work to raise awareness, advance research, inform product development, and advocate for investment in MPTs. Here are some highlights of their recent MPT-related work:
Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi honored at the International Conference on AIDS
and STIs in Africa (ICASA)
Dr. Bukusi
Dr. Bukusi cuts a cake in celebration of her award from ICASA.
We would like to express our congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), who recently received the 2015 Special Award at the ICASA conference in Harare, Zimbabwe. The award was in recognition of Dr. Bukusi's contributions to the development of female-initiated innovations in HIV prevention, including MPTs, microbicides, and PrEP. Dr. Bukusi serves on the IMPT Steering Committee and is the lead of the IMPT Kenya Task Force. For more information, visit the KEMRI website.
MPTs featured in a special issue of the Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction & Fertility (ISSRF) Newsletter

Dr. Nomita Chandhiok (India Medical Research Council), the lead of the IMPT India Task Force, organized and edited a special issue of the ISSRF Newsletter, which featured MPTs as promising innovations in women's health. The newsletter was released in September during the inaugural National Conference on Reproductive Health Challenges Issues and Remedies (NCRHC-2015) in Jaipur, India, where MPTs were also featured in a plenary session. This major medical newsletter includes dozens of MPT-focused articles written by IMPT stakeholders.
ISSRF Newsletter featuring MPTs
Dr. Nomita Chandhiok (center-right) presenting the special issue of the ISSRF Newsletter
featuring MPTs at NCRHC-2015.
MPTs highlighted in two articles by Professor Helen Rees
Professor Helen Rees
Professor Helen Rees of Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute, who leads the IMPT's South Africa Task Force.
We were thrilled to see MPTs featured in two recent articles by Professor Helen Rees, Executive Director of the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute in South Africa, who is a member of the IMPT Steering Committee and the lead of the IMPT South Africa Task Force. The first, a blog post in Health Affairs that frames MPTs in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, was co-authored by Professor Rees and the IMPT Secretariat's Dr. Bethany Young Holt. The second article, published in The Conversation, gives an overview of the MPT field and the potential benefits of combined prevention.
MPTs featured in the Guttmacher Policy Review & The Hill
Guttmacher Policy Review  
MPTs were featured in the September issue of the Guttmacher Policy Review, in a policy brief written by IMPT Steering Committee member Heather Boonstra. The article, "Multipurpose Prevention Technologies for the Developing World: U.S. Investment Is Critical," discusses the compelling need for combined protection against HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancy, and makes the case for increased investment in MPT development by the U.S. government. In addition, MPTs were featured in The Hill's Congress Blog on World AIDS Day, in a piece co-authored by Ms. Boonstra and Dr. Holt. Building on the policy brief, the blog post highlights the role MPTs could play in achieving an AIDS-free generation.
STI MPT Panel at the ISSTDR World STI & HIV Congress
ISSTDR Panel The MPT panel at the ISSTDR World STI & HIV Congress. The IMPT Secretariat is grateful for the hard work of this incredible group!  
In collaboration with the World Health Organization, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the Australian Sexual Health Alliance (ASHA), the IMPT hosted a panel entitled "Multipurpose Technologies (MPTs): developing interventions to simultaneously prevent STIs, HIV and pregnancy" at the 2015 ISSTDR World STI & HIV Congress in Brisbane, Australia on 16 September. The panel presented on a variety of topics relevant to non-HIV STI MPTs, including the prevention of infertility, MPTs for rectal use, and exciting new research on the overlapping epidemiological need for MPTs. The session was chaired by Carolyn Deal (NIAID) and Anke Hemmerling (IMPT/UCSF), and Craig Cohen (UCSF) served as rapporteur. Panelists included Marlene Kong (Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales), Vivian Black (Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute), Erin Schelar (USAID), Okeoma Mmeje (University of Michigan), and Bridget Haire (Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales). The presentations are now available on IMPT website, along with a recording of a live recap webinar hosted by the IMPT Secretariat.
MPT Panel at the 2015 Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition
(RHSC) General Membership Meeting
2015 Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition
On 7 October, the IMPT hosted a panel entitled "Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs): New reproductive health products on the horizon," as part of RHSC's New/Underused RH Technologies (NURHT) Caucus at the RHSC General Membership meeting in Oslo, Norway. The panel was moderated by John Townsend (Population Council) and panelists included Ben Light (UNFPA), Trisha Wood Santos (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), and Bethany Young Holt (IMPT). The session addressed key questions related to the MPT product pipeline, regulatory agency engagement, manufacturing challenges, and end-user preferences. Following the panel, Bethany Young Holt was asked to co-chair a new sub-working group focused on MPTs as emerging reproductive health technologies. The PowerPoint presentation from the panel is available on the RHSC website.
MPTs at the North American Forum on Family Planning
North American Forum on Family Planning
The IMPT Secretariat's Bethany Young Holt and Kathryn Stewart with IMPT partners Diana Greene Foster (UCSF) and Wayne Shields (ARHP) at the North American Forum on Family Planning.
Two session panels on MPTs were included as part of the 2015 North American Forum on Family Planning in Chicago, IL in November. The IMPT Secretariat was invited to present as part of a panel entitled "New Developments in Barrier Contraception: Implications for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs)". Presenters included Michelle Forcier (Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University) and Bethany Young Holt (IMPT). A panel entitled "Contraception+: History, Hurdles, and Headlines in Development of Methods to Prevent HIV and Unwanted Pregnancy" was presented by Sharon Hillier (University of Pittsburgh), Andrea R. Thurman (CONRAD), Sharon Achilles (University of Pittsburgh), and Beatrice Chen (University of Pittsburgh).
IMPT Steering Committee Virtual Convening

The IMPT Steering Committee convened for webinars on 29 October and 2 November in order to review and prioritize specific activities and discuss progress on the IMPT's funding optimization strategy. The group approved the IMPT Secretariat's work plan for the coming year, which focuses on the top five field-wide priority areas identified by IMPT stakeholders in early 2015. We are especially thrilled to have approval to support MPT country coordinators in South Africa and Kenya, who will work to elevate and address priority issues with local MPT stakeholders. Former AVAC KEMRI Fellow Everlyne Ombati will be taking up the role in Kenya and will work in close collaboration with Elizabeth Bukusi. We are currently working to identify an appropriate individual to undertake this work in South Africa.
The IMPT Secretariat strives to keep Initiative stakeholders informed of the most recent MPT developments, research, and issues in the field. You should be receiving our monthly "MPTs: Articles from the Field," with journal articles and other resources distributed to over 1,000 IMPT supporters. See back issues.

IMPT members remain active IN the field - attending conferences, delivering presentations, and expanding stakeholder interest in the development of MPTs:
Keeping on Track: IMPT Network of Experts Quarterly Update

Each quarter, the IMPT hosts updates on the Initiative for our stakeholders around the world, otherwise known as our Network of Experts (NoE). The last update took place on 28 October and included over 30 participants from across the globe, including China, India, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Highlights from this virtual convening included updates on:
CONRAD's Ring Study, which is examining safety, PK/PD, and acceptability of a tenofovir only ring and a tenofovir/LNG ring, while comparing a placebo ring. Results are anticipated at the end of Q2 of 2016.
Evofem & Woman Care Global's phase 3 clinical trial looking at the contraceptive efficacy of Amphora gel, which has been completed with anticipated approval by the FDA in May 2016. Other STI indications, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, are being pursued.
The ASPIRE trial and IPM's Ring Study, the results of which will be released in early 2016. Should the dapivirine ring show efficacy, the combination dapivirine/LNG ring study will be advanced as rapidly as possible.
The Population Council's MZC MPT Candidate, which has completed phase 1 clinical trials for vaginal use, and is currently in pre-clinical for rectal use. The gel shows anti-viral activity against HIV, HSV, and HPV and was found to be acceptable by women enrolled in the study.
RTI International's TRIO study, which is currently underway in South Africa and Kenya. This study is examining preferences for potential MPTs in three delivery forms - rings, injectables, and daily oral tablets, using only placebo products. In collaboration with CONRAD, RTI International will be commencing TRIO's sister study Quatro in Q1 of 2016. This study will look at the acceptability of placebo vaginal delivery forms for HIV prevention and unintended pregnancy.
For a full summary of these and other NoE updates, please see the webinar minutes.
IMPT Secretariat Strategy Meeting
MPT Secretariat staff
IMPT Secretariat staff & key consultants gathered for annual strategy meeting.
In early December, IMPT Secretariat staff gathered with some of our key consultants to strategize and plan activities for 2016-7. IMPT Scientific Advisors Joe Romano and Anke Hemmerling, along with Senior Communications Advisor Laura Vyda, joined us for a two-day meeting that focused on priority activities and long-term goals for the Initiative.
MPTs at FDA Meeting on Drug Interactions with Hormonal Contraceptives (HC)

IMPT Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC) members Jim Turpin (NIAID) and Diana Blithe (NICHD) were presenters at the 9 November FDA Public Meeting on Drug Interactions with Hormonal Contraceptives, where they highlighted MPTs and critical issues relevant to drug-drug interactions associated with HC. PowerPoint presentations and live recordings from the day-long meeting can be viewed on the FDA website.
MPT Panel at the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP)
Nusa Dua, Indonesia; 25-28 January 2016

The IMPT will be hosting a panel on MPTs with a focus on current challenges around hormonal contraceptives and HIV at the upcoming International Conference on Family Planning in Nusa Dua, Indonesia. The conference was due to take place 9-12 November 2015, but was postponed due to volcanic activity near the host city. The session will be moderated by Kirsten Vogelsong (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and session panelists will be Chelsea Polis (Guttmacher Institute), Anke Hemmerling (IMPT & UCSF), and Laura Dellplain (IMPT).
Technical Meeting on Key Issues for MPT Clinical Trial Evaluation & Design (CTED)
Date and location TBD

The IMPT Secretariat, in collaboration with the CTED planning committee, is in the process of organizing a technical convening aimed at examining MPT clinical evaluation and trials in the context of other HIV prevention and contraceptive interventions and provide next steps for informing investment and product development decisions. More details are forthcoming.
Follow-up Technical Meeting on Hormonal Contraceptives (HC) in MPTs
Washington, D.C.; Date TBD

As a follow-up to the technical meetings held in September 2014 and May 2015, the IMPT Secretariat is in the early stages of planning a third meeting on HC in MPTs, which will most likely be held in conjunction with the Contraceptive Clinical Trials Network (CCTN) meeting in spring 2016. More details are forthcoming.
IMPT Annual Report
We are in the process of developing the IMPT's 2015 Annual Report, where we will be highlighting the Initiative's achievements over the past year. The Annual Report will also include summaries of some of our key activities, including monitoring the MPT product pipeline and tracking investment in MPT research and development. We will be launching the report in early 2016, so stay tuned!
21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016)
Durban, South Africa; 18-22 July 2016

AIDS 2016 abstract submissions are currently open and will continue through 4 February. The conference will present new research and provide an opportunity for dialogue around the most pressing issues facing the global response to HIV.
HIV Research for Prevention (HIV4P)
Chicago, IL; 17-20 October 2016

HIVR4P, which focuses exclusively on biomedical HIV prevention research, will begin accepting abstracts on 29 January.

Please refer to the IMPT website for a list of other MPT-relevant conferences. If you are aware of other conferences where MPTs will be highlighted or where colleagues can submit abstracts, please write to us with the details.
The NoE is a multidisciplinary, international group of experts working in sexual and reproductive health, all of whom are committed to making MPTs a reality. NoE members have access to up-to-date news and resources, quarterly update webinars, and other critical MPT-related convenings. Become a member of the IMPT NoE today!
Thank you for your work to make MPTs a reality and everything you do to support the IMPT! Please write to us with any feedback or suggestions to improve our quarterly newsletter.


IMPT Secretariat staff
We strive to expand the funding base for the IMPT to ensure that MPTs become a life-saving reality and hope you will consider making a contribution towards our collective work through the IMPT homepage. Contributions are tax-deductible will go toward an expansion of education and awareness work through our MPT global hubs, the development of an IMPT advocacy strategy, and other prioritized activities critical to the MPT field.