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Issue #18 - 15 October 2015


Dear Colleagues,


The Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) field is steadily evolving and expanding. Provided below are links to recent publications, media articles, and other resources relevant to MPTs to keep you up-to-date. Please note that contents are neither endorsed by nor necessarily represent the views of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT), and that due to publication copyright and permissions restrictions, full-text versions of resources may not be publicly available.


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IMPT Secretariat Staff

Just Released
We are excited to share the following publication, which was presented by Erin Schelar at the recent ISSTDR World STI & HIV Congress: Multipurpose prevention technologies for sexual and reproductive health: mapping global needs for introduction of new preventive products. Schelar, E., Polis, C.B., Essam, T., Looker, K.J., Bruni, L., Chrisman, C., and Manning, J. (2015). Contraception.
We would also like thank those members of the IMPT Network of Experts and working groups who contributed to the development of this manuscript!

Upcoming Events
IMPT members will be presenting at several upcoming events. We encourage you to attend their sessions if you plan to attend the following conferences: 
International Conference on Family Planning, Nusa Dua, Indonesia, 9-12 November, 2015. 
North American Forum on Family Planning, Chicago, Illinois, 14-16 November, 2015.

Biomedical HIV Prevention Forum, Harare, Zimbabwe, 29 November, 2015. 

Journal Articles
A longitudinal daily diary analysis of condom use during bleeding-associated vaginal sex among adolescent females. Hensel, D.J., Tanner, A.E., Sherrow, A., and Fortenberry J.D. (2015, October 5). Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

A Multiple siRNA-Based Anti-HIV/SHIV Microbicide Shows Protection in Both In Vitro and In Vivo Models. Boyapalle, S., Xu, W., Raulji, P., Mohapatra, S., and Mohapatra, S.S. (2015, September 25). PLOS ONE.

Advanced Delivery Devices - Implantable Drug-Eluting Devices: A Novel Approach to Patient Care. Trohman, S.D., Glassco, J.L., and Boyum, C. (2015, October 6). Drug Development and Delivery. 
Age-disparate partnerships and risk of HIV-1 acquisition among South African women participating in the VOICE trial. Balkus, J., Nair, G., Montgomery, E., Mishra, A., Palanee, T., Ramjee, G., ...Marrazzo, J. (2015). Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Does integration of HIV and SRH services achieve economies of scale and scope in practice? A cost function analysis of the Integra Initiative. Obure, C.D., Guinness, L., Sweeney, S., Integra Initiative, and Vassall, A. (2015, October 5). Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

Enhanced Trapping of HIV-1 by Human Cervicovaginal Mucus Is Associated with Lactobacillus crispatus-Dominant Microbiota. Nunn, K.L., Wang, Y., Harit, D., Humphrys, M.S., Ma, B., Cone, R., Ravel, J., and Lai, S.K. (2015, October 6). mBio, 6(5).  

Hormonal contraception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and risk of HIV disease progression among Zambian women. Wall, K.M., Kilembe, W., Haddad, L., Vwalika, B., Lakhi, S., Htee, N.K., ... Allen, S. (2015, September 12). Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.  

Incorporating acute HIV screening into routine HIV testing at sexually transmitted infection clinics and HIV testing and counseling centers in Lilongwe, Malawi. Rutstein, Sarah, Pettifor, Audrey E., Phiri, S., Kamanga, G., Hoffman, I.P.A., Hosseinipour, M.C., ...Miller, W.C. (2015, September 29). Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 
Link between bacterial vaginosis and STIs unclear. Nogrady, B. (2015, September 29). PM360.
Measuring the Potential Impact of Combination HIV Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa. Khademi, A., Anand, S., and Potts, D. (2015). Medicine.
Multipurpose prevention technologies for sexual and reproductive health: mapping global needs for introduction of new preventive products. Schelar, E., Polis, C.B., Essam, T., Looker, K.J., Bruni, L., Chrisman, C., and Manning, J. (2015). Contraception.
Nanoformulations of Rilpivirine for Topical Pericoital and Systemic Coitus-Independent Administration Efficiently Prevent HIV Transmission. Kovarova, M., Council, O., Date, A., Long, J., Nochii, T., Belshan, M., ... Garcia, J. (2015). PLoS Pathog PLOS Pathogens.
PrEP: why are we waiting? (2015). The Lancet HIV. Volume 2, Issue 10. E401.

The syndemic of HIV, HIV-related risk and multiple co-morbidities among women who use drugs in Malaysia: Important targets for intervention. Loeliger, K.B., Marcus, R., Wichersham, J.A., Pillai, V., Kamarulzaman, A., and Altice, F. (2016, February). Addictive Behaviors, 53, 31-39. 

Three Strategies for Achieving the New Global Development Goals. Batson, A. (2015, September 25). Stanford Social Innovation Review. 


Media Articles

3 Bodies sensitise women to female condom. (2015, September 18). GhanaWeb.   

A new hope in HIV prevention. Sachan, D. (2015, September 24). Chemistry World.  

Accessibility to sexual health resources among diverse populations. Auteri, S. (2015, October). American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists. (AASECT). 

Mentor Mothers know what it's like to be pregnant and HIV-positive. Epatko, L. (2015, October 6). PBS NewsHour. 
New AIDS targets and a bold agenda for adolescent girls. Hohlfelder, E. (2015, September 29). One.

PrEP: The pathway to global access. TAGline Fall 2015. Morgan, S. (2015). Treatment Action Group. 
Product pipeline promising for STI pregnancy prevention. Nogrady, B. (2015, September 30). PM360.

Silicone vaginal rings protect women against herpes and HIV. Tecson, K. (2015, September 22). International Business Times.   

The Tools to Fight H.I.V. The Editorial Board. (2015, October 4). The New York Times.

Vaginal microbes influence whether mucus can trap HIV. American Society of Microbiology. (6 October 2015). Science Daily. 

Women are missing from HIV drug trials. Rapaport, L. (2015, October 2). Reuters.

In the Blogosphere

Advocacy and partnerships for HIV/AIDS prevention for women: A post from Durban, South Africa. Morton, E.W. (2015, September 14). Global Health Technologies Coalition.   

Analysis Calls for More U.S. Investment in MPTs. Aradhya, K. (2015, October 8). Contraceptive Technology Innovation Exchange. 

Female Condoms: the feel and shape of things to come. Chmiola, M. (2015, September 16). Global Health Technologies Coalition.   

PHI's CAMI Health Featured in Guttmacher Institute article. (2015, September 24). Public Health Institute. 

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