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Issue #14 - 16 June 2015


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The Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) field is steadily evolving and expanding. Provided below are links to recent publications, media articles, and other resources relevant to MPTs to keep you up-to-date. Please note that contents are neither endorsed by nor necessarily represent the views of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies, and that due to publication copyright and permissions restrictions, full-text versions of resources may not be publicly available.


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Journal Articles


The Case for Addressing Gender and Power in Sexuality and HIV Education: A Comprehensive Review of Evaluation Studies. Haberland, N.A. (2015). International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 41(1).


Characteristics of Women Enrolled into a Randomized Clinical Trial of Dapivirine Vaginal Ring for HIV-1 Prevention. Palanee-Phillips, T., Schwartz, K., Brown, E.R., Govender, V., Mgodi, N., et al. (2015). PLOS One.


Designing a package of sexual and reproductive health and HIV outreach services to meet the heterogeneous preferences of young people in Malawi: results from a discrete choice experiment. Michaels-Igbokwe, C., Lagarde, M., Cairns, J.,Terris-Prestholt, F & the Integra Initiative. (2015). Health Economics Review, 5(9).

Discordance of HIV and HSV-2 biomarkers and self-reported sexual behaviour among orphan adolescents in Western Kenya. Cho, H., Luseno, W., Haplern, C., Zhang, L., Mbai, I., et al. (2015). Sexually Transmitted Infections, 91.   

DMPA use and HIV acquisition: time to switch to NET-EN? Jones, H.E. & van de Wijgert, J.H.H.M. (2015). The Lancet HIV.   

Estimating the hypothetical dual health impact and cost-effectiveness of the Woman's Condom in selected sub-Saharan African countries. Myundura, M., Nundy, N., Kibourne-Brook, M., & Coffey, P.S. (2015). International Journal of Women's Health, 7.   

Failure of many United States Department of Health Web sites to provide accurate information about the female condom. Ventura-DiPersia, C., Rodriguez, K., & Kelvin, E.A. (2015). Contraception.   

Female Condom Use and Adoption Among Men and Women in a General Low-Income Urban U.S. Population. Weeks, M.R., Zhan, W., Li, J., Hilario, H., Abbott, M., & Medina, Z. (2015). AIDS and Behavior.   

Hormonal contraception does not increase women's HIV acquisition risk in Zambian discordant couples, 1994-2012. Wall, K.M., Kilembe, W., Vwalika, B., Khu, N.H., Brill, I., et al. (2015). Contraception, 91(6). 

Mucosal effects of tenofovir 1% gel. Hladik, F., Burgener, A., Ballweber, L., Gottardo, R., Vojtech, L., Fourati, S., et al. (2015). eLife.   

Relationship power, communication, and violence among couples: results of a cluster-randomized HIV prevention study in a South African township. Minnis, A.M., Doherty, I.A., Kline, T.L., Zule, W.A., Myers, B., et al. (2015). International Journal of Women's Health, 7.   

Risk of HIV-1 acquisition among women who use different types of injectable progestin contraception in South Africa: a prospective cohort study. Noguchi, L.M., Richardson, B.A., Baeten, J.M., Hillier, S.L., Balkus, J.E., et al. (2015). The Lancet HIV.

Rush to judgment: the STI-treatment trials and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. Stillwaggon, E. & Sawers, L. (2015). Journal of the International AIDS Society, 18(1).


A Temperature-Monitoring Vaginal Ring for Measuring Adherence. Boyd, P., Desjardins, D., Kumar, S., Fetherston, S.M., Le-Grand, R., et al. (2015). PLOS One.  

Media Articles


FDA Asked To Add HIV Warning To Birth Control Label. Corso, J. (2015, May 29). Law360.   


Joining Hands Against HIV and Aids, Gender Inequality Featured. Amare, M. (2015, June 3). The Ethiopian Herald.   


Malawi sex ring study to curb HIV. Mkula, C. (2015, May 26). The Southern Times.  


Nigeria: HIV/Aids Blamed for 59.3 Percent Female Deaths in Four Years - Report. Iloani, F.A. (2015, May 18). Daily Trust. 


Prioritisation is crucial for the success of PrEP, model confirms. Cairns, G. (2015, May 20). aidsmap.


Renew the U.S. commitment to sex education. Carmona, R., Elders, J., & Satcher, D. (2015, May 22). The Washington Post.


When Sex Ed Discusses Gender Inequality, Sex Gets Safer. Beck, J. (2015, April 27). The Atlantic.  

Other Resources of Note

CBAS Newsletter, 12(1). (2015, June). Cervical Barrier Advancement Society.

Job Opportunities


AVAC recently announced the call for applications to the 2016 Advocacy Fellows program. The Advocacy Fellows program aims to support emerging and mid-career advocates in shaping biomedical HIV prevention research and in implementing advocacy projects in their countries and communities. Prospective applicants and host organizations should visit the AVAC website for more information and application materials. 

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