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CAMI Health/IMPT - Fall 2014 Newsletter
Greetings this fall season and thank you for taking time to learn about what we have been up to at CAMI Health and the progress of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT)!
NOW LIVE! CAMI Health Website and the MPT Product Development Database
MPT with Staff  
CAMI Health's new website, both visually appealing and user-friendly, will accommodate the needs of our expanding membership. Visit us soon and search for MPTs in the pipeline on our newly redesigned, interactive MPT Product Development Database. The database allows you to look up 70+ MPT products in the pipeline using search parameters such as delivery method, development stage, and active ingredient. CAMI Health staff continue to work with IMPT collaborators to keep product information current.
Release of the BJOG MPT special supplement
MPT with Staff  
We are excited to report that the special supplement on MPTs published by the BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has been launched in tandem with the HIV R4P Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, 26-31 October 2014, and the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) meeting in Mexico City, 20-24 October 2014. Please see the related press release on our website. This supplement includes articles authored by many IMPT members, and was edited by Manjulaa Narasimhan (WHO) in collaboration with Bethany Young Holt (CAMI Health).
New CAMI Health Project Assistant!

CAMI Health has hired new full time Project Assistant, Beverley Newman, who began in early November. Beverley has a master's degree in international development and has a strong interest in women's health. She is already a great addition to the CAMI Health team! Welcome, Beverley!
Technical Meetings this Fall

Hormonal Contraceptives in MPTs 18-19 September 2014, Washington DC

In partnership with the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), CAMI Health convened a technical meeting on hormonal contraceptives and MPT development in September in Washington, DC. This 2-day meeting brought together experts working in the areas of contraception and HIV prevention, including clinical researchers, product developers, and funders to review relevant contraceptive research and how it can be applied to MPT development. An Executive Summary report will be available soon on the CAMI Health website.
MPT Manufacturing Issues Webinar 26 September 2014

CAMI Health hosted a live webinar to inform supporting agencies and product development organizations of the requirements, variables, and risks associated with achieving commercial scale manufacturing, with specific information about FDA's SUPAC guidance, or scale up and post approval changes to product formulations or manufacture. If you missed the live webinar, click here to view the webinar.
MPT Acceptability in Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa Webinar 12 November 2014

CAMI Health hosted a live webinar in collaboration with AVAC summarizing the methods and key findings from the market research study conducted by Ipsos Healthcare. This study was done with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to better understand the acceptability of MPTs among women in Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa. If you missed the live webinar, click here to view the webinar.
MPT Outreach

MPTs for a Better World. In September, CAMI Health, on behalf of the IMPT, released a new video to help raise awareness about MPTs and the innovative work of the IMPT. A special thank you to IMPT members interviewed for this video and for the hard work and vision of CAMI Health's communications consultant, Laura Vyda. Please view the video and consider circulating to your networks!

We are very pleased to see that the World Health Organization (WHO) highlights MPTs on their homepage, which includes the MPT video.

"With an MPT I can" Campaign. Join CAMI Health and help raise MPT awareness by illustrating the impact MPTs will have on women's lives. We invite you to participate in this campaign. Click here for details on joining the campaign and to view the image gallery.
In the Foreground of the Field
CAMI Health, as IMPT Secretariat, strives to keep Initiative stakeholders informed of the most current MPT developments, research and issues in the field. You should be receiving our monthly "MPTs: Articles from the Field," with journal articles and other resources distributed to over 1,000 IMPT supporters. See back issues.

IMPT members remain active IN the field - attending conferences, delivering presentations and expanding stakeholder interest in the development of MPTs:
HIV R4P Conference, Cape Town, South Africa (27-31 October). MPTs were featured during several sessions and events, including: a no-host reception celebrating the release of the BJOG MPT supplement, an MPT roundtable, and an MPT satellite session. You can watch many of these sessions via webcast here.
RHSC Annual Membership Meeting, Mexico City, Mexico (21-24 October). Bethany Young Holt (CAMI Health) attended the meeting and supported the launch of the BJOG MPT Special Supplement, as did several other IMPT members.
Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference, Cape Town, South Africa (24-27 September). Helen Rees (Wits RHI) delivered a plenary that included MPTs.
Black Women for Wellness Annual Conference, Los Angeles, California, USA (23 September). Laura Dellplain (CAMI Health) addressed social justice advocates with an overview of MPTs and introduction to the IMPT.
Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP14), San Francisco, California, USA (5 September). Manjulaa Narasimhan (WHO), Joseph Romano (NWJ Group), Trisha Wood-Santos (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and Bethany Young Holt (CAMI Health) presented on a panel, MPTs: Impact Investing for Global Reproductive Health, moderated by Laura Vyda (CAMI Health). The PowerPoint is available online.
20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia (20-25 July). Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi (KEMRI) and Dr. Nomita Chandhiok (ICMR) delivered MPT presentations and Bobby Ramakant (Citizen News Service) provided media coverage on behalf of the IMPT.

Keeping on Track: Reporting to our Network of Experts

The IMPT hosts quarterly updates about the Initiative to our stakeholders across the globe, also referred to as our Network of Experts. Highlights from our 3 October call include:
Scientific Agenda Working Group (SAWG). Based upon received survey responses from our network, the priority for MPTs to combine prevention of HIV and unintended pregnancy has not changed since 2013. The SAWG seeks to expand the pool of responses, especially from countries with the highest unmet need for MPTs. The SAWG is currently finalizing dosage-form specific Target Product Profiles (TPPs) for prioritized MPTs aimed to help inform funders and product developers. More recently, a SAWG subgroup has drafted an MPT socio-behavioral and commercialization elements TPP framework, currently under review by members of our network.
STI Working Group. Potential STI MPTs continue to be monitored and integrated into the online MPT product database. In addition, Erin Schelar (USAID), Cara Chrisman (USAID), Judy Manning (USAID) and Chelsea Polis (Guttmacher) are working to finalize a mapping project illustrating the global distribution of HIV, HSV-2, HPV and unmet need for modern contraception in various configurations.
Communications and Advocacy Working Group (CAWG). The CAWG has capitalized on opportunities for MPT awareness raising in tandem with the BJOG MPT supplement launch, World Contraception Day, and the IMPT video release. Also on the radar are new initiatives for girls and young women by PEPFAR and the Clinton Foundation.
Kenya Regional Group. Everlyne Ombati (AVAC fellow) is focused on MPT and microbicide advocacy to eventually engage researchers and regulators, in addition to community members. She has successfully engaged women in discussions about end-user interests and priority issues and she is planning a symposium in February 2015 in Kenya targeted at regulators.
South Africa Regional Group. The ECHO study is being planned and is aimed to assess the impact of hormonal contraceptives on HIV acquisition.
Coming this Winter
Webinar on Regulatory Issues: "Bioequivalence: Issues and Risks" is being planned to address regulatory issues related to MPT development. Details and dates are forthcoming!
Thanks for your Continued Support!
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