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CAMI/IMPT - Summer Newsletter
Happy summer and thank you for taking a moment to learn about the progress of the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT)! Your support energizes our efforts at CAMI to keep you up-to-date on the Initiative and about the expanding MPT field.
"Women's Health in Women's Hands" Event in Northern California
MPT with Staff  
Funders, researchers, public health officials, and community advocates gathered in Oakland, California, on 2 July 2014 to discuss the need and potential for MPTs - globally and regionally -- with speakers: Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan (WHO), Ina Park (California Department of Public Health), and Bethany Young Holt (CAMI). The event was met with grand success in increasing visibility of MPTs and in engaging new stakeholders to address global and regional needs for and feasibility of MPTs as options for women. View or download the presentation here.
Legislative News from Heather Boonstra (Guttmacher Institute) on Capitol Hill

In June, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee approved a FY 2015 bill for foreign operations, including provision of $45 million for microbicide research and development. Also included was language urging increased support and funding for and coordination around research and development of new contraceptive technologies, including those that "may also prevent sexually transmitted diseases." The bill must now be approved by the full House and Senate and reconciled before being sent for President Obama's signature.
IMPT Convenings in Washington DC
MPT with Staff  
1 April 2014 The IMPT Steering Committee met and examined the Initiative's first five years. With CAMI continuing to serve as Secretariat, next steps for the IMPT include refining the MPT Target Product Profiles (TPPs) and developing socio-behavioral/commercialization overlays; optimizing support for the MPT field and initiative; and furthering outreach and advocacy to targeted stakeholders.

2 April 2014 The Supporting Agency Collaboration Committee (SACC) of the IMPT held its first in-person meeting in Washington, DC to explore the potential for collaboration among supporting agencies. Participants from US and non-US government science and development agencies and private foundations attended and agreed that while collaboration may be challenging due to various funding mechanisms, it is desirable and will ultimately strengthen the field. Members identified the need for tools to guide MPT investment and product development decisions. Next steps include developing a framework for collaboration. The meeting's Executive Summary is available on our website.
In the Foreground of the Field
CAMI as IMPT Secretariat strives to keep Initiative stakeholders informed of the most current MPT developments, research and issues in the field. This May, CAMI issued its first MPTs: Articles from the Field, a monthly announcement of MPT-relevant journal and media articles and press releases distributed to over 1,000 IMPT supporters. Back issues can be accessed through our website. If you have sources to submit for our next issue, please write to us!

IMPT members remain active IN the field - attending conferences, delivering presentations and expanding stakeholder interest in the development of MPTs:
Nomita Chandhiok (ICMR) presented at the "International Conference on Emerging Frontiers and Challenges in Management and Control of STIs and HIV" in Mumbai, India;
Judy Manning (USAID) delivered a presentation on MPTs and a host of other IMPT members presented at the 13th ESC Congress: "Challenges in Sexual and Reproductive Health" in Lisbon, Portugal;
Ellen Rome (Cleveland Clinic) presented MPTs at the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine's annual conference in the U.S.;
Cara Chrisman (USAID) presented a poster co-authored by Jeanne Marazzo (University of WA), Bethany Young Holt and Kathryn Stewart (CAMI), and Joseph Romano (NWJ Group and CAMI consultant) on behalf of the IMPT at the CDC "2014 STD Prevention Conference" in the U.S.,
Bethany Young Holt (CAMI) presented at the California Family Health Council's "Women's Health Update 2014" conferences in Southern and Northern California, U.S.; and
Kathryn Stewart (CAMI) participated in a panel at AVAC's Microbicides Communications Working Group meeting in the U.S.

Keeping on Track: Reporting to our Network of Experts

The IMPT hosts quarterly calls with updates about the Initiative to our stakeholders across the globe, also referred to as our Network of Experts. Highlights from our 17 June call include:
Scientific Agenda Working Group (SAWG). Product-type specific Target Product Profiles have been drafted for on demand, intravaginal ring (IVR), and injectable MPTs. Criteria has also been drafted to integrate socio-behavioral/commercialization attributes into MPT TPPs. Please respond if you are interested in helping with the final reviews.
Communications and Advocacy Working Group (CAWG). With regional MPT messaging activities in South Africa and Kenya completed this spring, materials are now being developed for ongoing outreach including PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, and brochures and will be accessible on the CAMI website.
Kenya Regional Group. AVAC MPT Fellow, Everlyne Ombati, in collaboration with Elizabeth Bukusi (KEMRI), is working to strategize around how best to help civil society groups understand the future of prevention options for women.
South Africa Regional Group. Jenni Smit (MatCH) is involved in two MPT-related studies in collaboration with PATH based in KwaZulu-Natal: 1) health system readiness for SILCS diaphragm introduction, and 2) SILCS diaphragm acceptability.
India Task Force. Nomita Chandhiok convened the India MPT Task Group in the spring of 2014. An RFA announcement from ICMR to support MPT work in India is anticipated for late 2014/ early 2015.

Coming this Fall...
MPT Webinars: Learn more about MPT development through two upcoming webinars. One will address Regulatory Issues for MPT Development with a focus on bioequivalence, and another will address issues pertaining to MPT Manufacturing. Stay tuned for dates and additional details for these webinars!

Technical Convening: In partnership with the NICHD, BMGF, and USAID, CAMI is organizing a 2-day, in-person meeting in Washington DC on Hormonal Contraceptives in MPTs to consider recommendations for MPT product development.

HIV R4P 2014: Will you be in Cape Town, South Africa, for HIV R4P this 28-31 October 2014? Look for the Multipurpose Prevention Technologies Symposium from 8:30am-10:00am on day 4 of the conference, as well as other MPT relevant sessions and events. Also, look for the BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology's special supplement on MPTs that will be launched this fall in conjunction with R4P!
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