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CAMI/IMPT - Spring Newsletter
Thanks to your continued support, we are moving MPTs forward in 2014! A busy spring season lies ahead, while we wrap up a productive winter season laying the groundwork for this year’s collective progress.
Keystone Meetings in Washington, DC
This April CAMI and IMPT members are meeting in Washington, DC to keep the Initiative on track of its overarching goal to advance the field of multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs).

17-18 March 2014 – CAMI's Executive Director and several IMPT members participated in a session on MPTs as part of the SRH and HIV Linkages Interagency Working Group meeting, convened by WHO, UNFPA and IPPF.

1 April 2014 – The IMPT Steering Committee Meeting will discuss initiative progress and revisit IMPT priorities given advances in the field.

2 April 2014 – The MPT Supporting Agency Coordination Planning Meeting will convene a small group of funders working in the area of MPTs to lay a firm foundation for the strategic development and successful public health impact of MPTs, and assess viable approaches for coordination.
MPT Pipeline Database & a Fresh Look for CAMI
Be on the lookout for our NEW MPT Product Pipeline Database featuring search functions to access MPTs currently in development. This database will be accessed on our website, which is currently being revamped to be more user-friendly. We will announce the unveiling of our database and new-and-improved website, so stay tuned!
MPT Product Development and Regulatory Issues
Webinar   On 28 January 2014, CAMI hosted a live webinar featuring Dr. Joseph Romano (NWJ Group/CAMI) and Dr. Jim Turpin (DAIDS/NIAID/NIH) who together provided a rationale and context for MPT product prioritization in addition to an overview of various classes of MPTs in development and relevant regulatory issues. If you missed the live webinar, you can access it on demand on the CAMI website. Click here to access the recorded webinar and PowerPoint presentation.
MPT Publications & Outreach Materials
It is critical for the Initiative to remain on the forefront of scientific and political agendas that support our short and long-range goals. Here are a few publications and outreach materials to help keep the discussion about MPTs going:
Resources InfoGraphic CAMI's Executive Director, Bethany Young Holt, authored an Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle, and a guest blog on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Impatient Optimist blog.
MPTs are highlighted in a special supplement in the Journal of Antiviral Research based on CONRAD's Product Development Workshop 2013: HIV and Multipurpose Prevention Technologies.
MPTs are also highlighted in Entre Nous, the European Magazine for Sexual and Reproductive Health.
WHO and CAMI raise awareness of MPTs in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology's recent article, Multipurpose prevention technologies: maximising positive synergies.
CAMI /IMPT developed an infographic on the The Case for MPTs, which serves as a great outreach tool illustrating the need for MPTs and some products in development. Click here to read the press release.
You can look forward to a special supplement to BJOG in the fall of 2014 with articles authored by our IMPT partners! WHO and CAMI are co-editors. Don’t forget to visit to find additional resources on MPTs.

Please share your publications, press releases and/or other relevant info by writing to so that we can share them with our wider networks.
Keeping on Track: IMPT Recent Activities
What's Happening in Kenya and South Africa
IMPT regional partners in Kenya and South Africa have contributed to the development of communication strategies that will bring relevant MPT messages and talking points to target audiences in these countries. This information will be made available on CAMI's website. We will also be working closely with AVAC's new fellow, Everlyne Ombati (KEMRI), and IMPT Steering Committee member, Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi, to expand MPT awareness and support in Kenya.
What's Happening in India
Led by Chairperson Nomita Chandhiok (ICMR), the MPT Task Force in India convened this month in Delhi to further its regional work on MPTs. In addition, on behalf of CAMI/IMPT we thank Task Force member Bobby Ramakant of CNS Media for distributing MPT awareness and attitude surveys to health care providers at various conferences in Asia. Read more about this here.
STI Working Group Meeting in Washington, DC
Formed by the SAWG to advance the development of MPTs to address priority STI indications, the STI Working Group held their first in-person meeting on 19 February 2014 in Washington DC with the aim to review priorities and goals and to establish operating processes to advance their work.
Join the IMPT Network Experts (NoE)
If you work in reproductive health, product development or another related field and you would like to get involved with the IMPT and help make MPTs a reality, join the IMPT Network of Experts (NoE). Help us move the research, policy, funding and education efforts forward to save lives and empower women.
Thanks for your continued support!
Thank you for strengthening the MPT field. The great strides we have made would not be possible without your continued support and hard work. We look forward to what lies ahead and hope that you will let us know about your achievements, and we, in turn, will keep you posted as the field evolves.


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