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September 2014

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation announces its
Roman L. Hruska Institute
Friday, September 19, 2014
University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of Law

I am pleased to invite you to attend this year's Roman L. Hruska Institute for the Administration of Justice.  Please see the related article below.  I sincerely hope you are able to attend this unique event.

Fall is always an exciting time of the year for new beginnings and a return to school-related activities.  This year will be no exception for the Foundation's Law Related Education program as we prepare for a busy season of Mock Trial and the release of a newly updated Reaching the Age of Majority booklet.
We will also be hosting our annual Legacy of Liberty Breakfast in October.  Please see additional information below. 

I look forward to seeing you at some of the Foundation's fall events!






Executive Director  



John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, to Present 2014 Hruska Institute


John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the
United States

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation is pleased to announce that the Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, will deliver remarks at the Roman L. Hruska Institute for the Administration of Justice on Friday, September 19, 2014. The location is the University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of Law, and the presentation begins at noon, Central Daylight Time. The Institute is free and open to the public.



Chief Justice Roberts received an A.B. from Harvard College in 1976 and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1979. He served as a law clerk for Judge Henry J. Friendly of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit from 1979-1980 and as a law clerk for the then-Associate Justice William H. Rehnquist of the Supreme Court of the United States during the 1980 Term. He was Special Assistant to the Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice from 1981-1982, Associate Counsel to President Ronald Reagan, White House Counsel's Office from 1982-1986, and Principal Deputy Solicitor General, U.S. Department of Justice from 1989-1993. From 1986-1989 and 1993-2003, he practiced law in Washington, D.C. He was appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2003. President George W. Bush nominated him as Chief Justice of the United States, and he took his seat September 29, 2005. 


The Hruska Institute was established in 1995 through an endowment given to the Bar Foundation by the late Senator Roman L. Hruska. The purpose of the Institute is to educate lawyers, law students, and the public-at-large in Nebraska to the importance of the administration of justice, particularly at the federal level through the conduct of symposia or lectures. Institutes are planned cooperatively by the Nebraska State Bar Foundation, the Federal Courts for the District of Nebraska, and the University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of Law.


Attorneys unable to attend the Hruska Institute in person may access the program online by following this link. 

2014 Mock Trial Case Is Posted Online

Once again, the Mock Trial Case Committee has accomplished an outstanding feat in creating and writing the 2014 Nebraska Mock Trial case.  We are told by teacher coaches that the students take much delight in preparing a case in which a crime was committed, so they should be most enthusiastic about this year's problem in which the owner of the local gnome factory is charged with causing the death of an employee while intentionally damaging the building by starting a fire.

The following are members of the Case Committee:

Thomas E. Keefe, Lincoln (Chair) John L. Jelkin, Lincoln 
Kristi Egger-Brown, Lincoln Joel D. Nelson, Lincoln 
Michael D. Gooch, Omaha Lory Ann Pasold, Lincoln 
Stephanie R. Hupp, Lincoln Patrick J. Calkins, Seward  

Omaha Fire Department Battalion Chief Robb Gottsch provided technical assistance to the committee.


The Bar Foundation acknowledges the dedication of this hard-working group and thanks them most sincerely for their efforts to further Nebraska's Judge Lyle E. Strom High School Mock Trial Program. 

Updated Reaching the Age of Majority Ready for New School Year
Booklet to Be Available in iBook, PDF, and Print Formats

Several months filled with writing, editing, and design work, have now culminated in the most recent update of the Foundation's Reaching the Age of Majority booklet.  It is anticipated that the booklet will soon be posted in PDF and iBook formats on the Foundation's website and will also be available in a printed version.  Kara J. Ronnau is the chair of this project.  Additional contributors to the booklet include:
Brad Gianakos 
Grant T. Maynard 
Mary Kay Hansen 
Matthew Mellor 
Scott P. Helvie 
Marc W. Pearce 
John C. Hurd 
Kevin L. Ruser 
Peggy J. Jasa 
Richard D. Sievers 
Jill G. Jensen 
Katie Spohn 
Robert Kinney-Walker 
Dalton W. Tietjen 
Thomas E. Keefe 
Margene M. Timm 
Elsbeth Magnilton 
Bobby Truhe 
John H. Marsh 
Jessica Clark West 


Kristina Peters, Nebraska Department of Education, assisted with efforts  to make the booklet available in iBook format.   


The Bar Foundation thanks all of those who have contributed their time and expertise to this Law-Related Education resource to educate Nebraska youth about their rights and responsibilities as the turn from their teen years into adulthood.


This Reaching the Age of Majority update is underwritten by a most generous contribution from Virginia C. Schmid of Omaha, widow of past Bar Foundation President Marvin G. Schmid.  

Constitution Day Celebration at Homestead National Monument
LRE Program in Conjunction with Naturalization Ceremony

Heritage Center at Homestead National Monument 
On Wednesday, September 17, the Bar Foundation and Nebraska Supreme Court will cooperatively offer with Homestead National Monument a Constitution Day educational activity.

In an interactive session beginning at noon, Judge Paul Korslund of Beatrice
will examine the United States Constitution, focusing on some of the knowledge required to pass the Naturalization Test. (A sample test may be found online.) Certified Court Interpreter for Nebraska State Courts, Raul Escobar, will provide stories that will make the link between hearing court proceedings in an understandable language and receiving access to justice. Anita Mayo, Omaha attorney and naturalized citizen, will describe participating in a Naturalization Ceremony at the age of four and her pride in becoming an American. 

Classrooms around the nation will have an opportunity to tune in to this program via distance learning technology. Students attending in person and virtually will have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters

The education session is expected to conclude at 1:15 p.m. Students and teachers are invited to then attend the Naturalization Ceremony that begins at 2:00 p.m.  Sixty new Americans will become will be welcomed to citizenship at the ceremony. 

PEOPLE Committee Cosponsors Journalist Roundtable with the Nebraska Judicial Branch
Discusses Nebraska's Juvenile Justice System

On Tuesday, August 26, the Media Subcommittee of the Foundation's PEOPLE Committee cosponsored a session designed specially for journalists on changes to Nebraska's Juvenile Justice System.  The location was the Sarpy County Courthouse with roundtable discussions being led by Probation, Juvenile Justice, and Nebraska Judges.

The changes considered by the group were brought about by Legislative Bill 561, passed in May, 2013.  It charged the Nebraska Juvenile Probation System to treat and rehabilitate court-involved youth as opposed to punishing them.  The goal of reforming juvenile probation is to prevent juveniles from returning to the juvenile justice system or entering the criminal justice system by
  • engaging juveniles and their families in the juvenile court process
  • eliminating barriers to accessing effective treatment and services and
  • partnering with educational and community stakeholders.
There were both newspapers and television stations represented at the seminar. 


Legacy of Liberty Breakfast - October 9
Save the Date!

The Bar Foundation's 12th Annual Legacy of Liberty Breakfast is taking place on Thursday, October 9, at 7:45 a.m.  The location is Embassy Suites - La Vista.

The program will include the introduction of the 2014 Class of Fellows and will honor the Mock Trial State Championship team and long-term Mock Trial teacher coaches and attorney coaches.  We will also hear from a teacher of the We the People curriculum about his recent continuing education experience made available through the Foundation's Flavel A. Wright Fund.

There is no fee to attend the breakfast, but advanced registration is required.  You may register by sending an email to the Bar Foundation or via the Bar Association's Annual Meeting form.

Nebraska Mock Trial Argued by Canadian Students
Case About Allegedly Breaking Mock Trial Rules Presented on Canada's
Law Day

A Calgary, Alberta law firm requested and received permission to adapt the Nebraska Mock Trial case, Phoenix O. Perdante vs. Dalton Academy, the Bar Foundation's 2011-2012 Mock Trial case.  This civil case involves a student who sues a rival mock trial school for slander when that coach's accusation of cheating costs a Mock Trial student a full ride scholarship to college.

The law firm's representative told the Bar Foundation that the Calgary students enjoyed the fact pattern and that one team commented, "It provided several thought providing conversations."
If you have questions about the Foundation's programs of Law-Related Education, please contact me at

1-800-773-5396 or 402-475-1042. 

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