Legislative Update
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February 10, 2014                                                                                  Issue 2.10.2014

Because there is no health without Mental Health!

Legislative Update

Week of February 10, 2014


Today is day 20th of the legislative session. We are halfway through the 40 days allowed in Georgia. Although the session is scheduled to be open tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11, the weather might impact work getting done. Also, it is unclear if the legislature will be in session on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. The Senate and the House will readjust their calendars, if necessary.


The Senate passed its version of the FY 2014 amended budget. This budget now goes into a joint conferee committee to be further reviewed. The House will take up the FY 2015 budget this week. A full appropriations meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11 at 7:30 am in room 341.


HB 674 (Welch) Establishes a formula for state funds to be used for certain positions in juvenile court, as required by HB 242: A second hearing is scheduled to be held Monday.


SB 273 (Burke) Establishes a Maternal Mortality Review Committee through the Department of Public Health to review maternal deaths and to develop strategies for the prevention of maternal deaths: In the House Health and Human Services Committee.


SB 292 (Unterman) Establishes an Alzheimer's Disease Registry: Passed the Senate and in the House Human Relations and Aging Committee.


SB 291 (Unterman) Would create a new Adult and Aging Service Agency: Passed the Senate and in the House Human Relations and Aging Committee.


HB 853 (Stover) Exemptions for mental health facilities from the Certificate of Need requirements: One hearing was held in the House Health and Human Services Committee. No vote was taken.


SB 186 (Ligon) To authorize ambulance personnel to transport certain people with mental illness under special circumstances which would relate to examination, hospitalization, and treatment of involuntary patients: A hearing was held in Carter's subcommittee of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. No vote was taken.  


SB 349 (Bethel) Strengthens the state's public safety net for behavioral health and developmental disabilities: Had a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. There was no opposition, and it is expected to pass out of committee.


To read any of these bills in their entirety, go to www.legis.ga.gov.  Go to the Senate for SB bills and the House for HB bills.  You can also follow when the bills will be heard in a committee by following the committee schedule on this same website.




What's the best way to make your voice heard?  Have you been to the Capitol lately?  Being there, seeing your legislator in action or speaking with them directly is the best way to advocate on behalf of our public mental health system. 


If you would like to learn more about how to set up your visit and what to do when you are there, please contact Ellyn at 678-904-1965.  She'll be glad to walk you through the process.

We need your help to move our advocacy voice forward!


MHA of GA is a leader in the mental health advocacy community. You can learn more on our website, www.mhageorgia.org.


Your donation will help ensure that MHA of GA continues to keep mental health awareness in front of Georgia's legislators. This is a critical time for our community, and now is the time to act!!


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