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July 2014    

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Whether it's due to a power outage, the need to save money, or you just hate AC, sometimes you have to go without air conditioning. This month's article has some tips on keeping cool.


It's County (and State) Fair time! The Trivia Closet has the dates.       


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How to Keep Your House Cool Without AC

Want summer comfort but hate the AC? Follow these tips, and you'll keep your house cool without frosty air conditioning. Read 

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Trivia Closet
It's Fair Time!   


Click on the picture to go to the website. 


Sun Cuyahoga
 Cuyahoga County Fair         


 August 4 through August 10



Sun Lorain
   Lorain County Fair

   August 18 through August 24

Sun Ohio

 Ohio State Fair   


July 23 through August 3


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