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July 2015
 is the medicinal use of honeybee products.
This includes
honey, propolis,
royal jelly, pollen,
and bee venom.

Founded in 1989,
the AAS is a
community of people
interested in this
natural, holistic practice.

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During the month of June and up until today the Join and Renew functions were not working on our website. Our link to our merchant account making it possible for us to accept credit cards was severed without warning due to an upgrade in software done by the merchant account vendor. The Join and Renew functions are now up and running again on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused in your attempts made to renew your memberships or to join AAS, we hope that you will give us another chance! Thank you for your support, and please do let us know if you have any further problems with the process.

How Your Bee-Friendly Garden May Actually Be Killing Bees
Even as they try to help the bees, people may inadvertently poison them by planting pesticide-laden plants purchased from big-box garden centers, suggests a new report.

Scientists Use Bees to Sting HPV Tumors; The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) Reviews a Study
Painful, yet effective, bee venom (BV) treatments resulted in a significant suppression of cancerous cell growth in HPV 16-infected cells, according to a study published in the journal, Oncology Reports on January 28, 2015. Read more...

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