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December 2014
The American Apitherapy Society, Inc. wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season. We also thank you for your continued support and participation in our dedication to educate the world about Apitherapy and the amazing healing powers of the hive.

 is the medicinal use of honeybee products.
This includes
honey, propolis,
royal jelly, pollen,
and bee venom.

Founded in 1989,
the AAS is a
community of people
interested in this
natural, holistic practice.
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Let's Explore Diabetes With Honeybees
 The latest book by humorist David Sedaris is implausibly titled "Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls." But as we all know, life is stranger than literature: Now, an imaginative team of social entrepreneurs has devised a way to explore
diabetes with bees, Read More...  

Bee Pollen Diet
 I always knew it was a power house of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. There are great books on Honey, Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly. Read More...

Winter Solstice, Bee Season is Here!
Here in the northern hemisphere your calendar may tell you it's the first day of winter, but it is actually the first day of spring-at least for honey bees. Read More...

December in the Apiary
Beginning in November your bees snuggle up for the hardest part of winter. Days are short and cold; nights are long and colder. With little brood to care for and nowhere to go, the bees...read more...

American Apitherapy Society News
The year 2014 has been a year of many changes for the AAS. We extend a warm farewell to Board Member Dr. Theodore Cherbuliiez, MD, Susan Cherbuliez, Board Member and Treasurer, and Patsy McCook, Editor of the Journal of the American Apitherapy Society  for many years. We thank them for their amazing dedication and commitment in contributing to who we are today. Please join us in welcoming our new board members Hossein Yeganehrad, and
 Dr. Patrick Fratellone, MD who we are confident will bring a bright, innovative and exciting future to the AAS!

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To obtain information or inquire about membership with AAS visit our website at
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