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April 2014

 is the medicinal use of honeybee products.
This includes
honey, propolis,
royal jelly, pollen,
and bee venom.

Founded in 1989,
the AAS is a
community of people
interested in this
natural, holistic practice.

Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference

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 Celebrate the American Apitherapy Society's  
25 Year Anniversary at the 18th Annual Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course and Conference
May 2-4, 2014 
 National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL 
Medical Doctors, a spectrum of Holistic Health Care Practitioners, Veterinarians, Researchers, Backyard Beekeepers, and members of the general public interested in self-reliant health care will convene from all over the US and the world to learn about Apitherapy.
 With Special Keynote Speaker Brad Weeks, MD, and Guest Speakers Frank Yurasek L.Ac. PhD, Sheila Kingsbury ND, RH,  Hossein Yeganehrad, and now Antonio Couto!

Support the AAS and the Honeybees by 
Planting a Bee Friendly Garden this 
Spring and participating in our Fundraiser. Perfect for Easter or Mother's day
 or to share with friends and family.
Deadline for ordering is April 25th   

March 30th, World Apitherapy Day 
 An Excerpt by Moises Asis
The first time someone used the term "Apitherapy" it was to explain the medical use of bee stings or Apitoxinotherapy. Read more...   

Honey - The Perfect Antibiotic Capable of Solving The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

  Honey, one of the most incredible non-perishable foods that can kill almost every type of bacteria. It could also be one sweet solution to the serious, ever-growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, researchers said. Read more...

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