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Bee on Crocus 1  
 is the medicinal use of honeybee products.
This includes
honey, propolis,
royal jelly, pollen,
and bee venom.

Founded in 1989,
the AAS is a
community of people
interested in this
natural, holistic practice.
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Sign a petition to legalize urban beekeeping in
 Los Angeles
to Protect the Honeybee and

Bee on Iris

Flowers That Bees Love

Discover what to plant in your garden to attract more Honeybees. Bees also love Herbs, Trees and Vegetables.

Honey to Heal Wounds

I can heal wounds with honey and so can you by 
Allen Dennison, MD 

Bee on Purple Flowers

Support AAS and the Honeybees by participating in our Spring fundraiser offering
Spring Bulbs
and many other varieties 
of flowers.
Deadline for ordering is 
 April 26!

American Apitherapy Society News

Mark your calenders for Thursday August 8, 2013. 
Apitherapy Day presented by the American Apitherapy Society Inc. 
Spend an entire day with us learning theory and practical applications of Apitherapy in conjunction with the Eastern Apicultural Society. To be held at West Chester University, 
West Chester, Pennsylvania. Register on the EAS website at

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