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Wild Rose  
 is the medicinal use of honeybee products.
This includes
honey, propolis,
royal jelly, pollen,
and bee venom.

Founded in 1989,
the AAS is a
community of people
interested in this
natural, holistic practice.
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Honey Trio
Honey for Allergies

If you are an allergy sufferer looking for a holistic remedy, locally produced honey may be worth a shot.

Pollen for Allergies

If you sneeze, have itchy, watery eyes or allergies, try some bee pollen.
What is Bee Bread?

Bee Healthy Recipes

Start your Spring cleanse right by discovering this green drink detox recipe with propolis and raw honey.
Learn how to make Bee Bread.
American Apitherapy Society News

Mark your calenders for Thursday August 8, 2013.
Apitherapy Day presented by the American Apitherapy Society, Inc.
Spend an entire day with us learning theory and practical applications of Apitherapy in conjunction with the Eastern Apicultural Society. To be held at West Chester University,
West Chester, Pennsylvania. Register on the EAS website at

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