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 Dr John J. Scherer  

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Facing the tiger

In case you have been waiting for the next newsletter, a LOT has been happening 'behind the scenes'. . . We have been busy getting ready for TODAY: the launch of WiserAtWork: Online development for leaders of change.




In a way, W@W is my 'magnum opus', the culmination of my 40+ years of dedication to 'transforming the world at work'. The whole thing began a few years ago as I started thinking about two emerging facts of organizational life:


1. Offsite face-to-face workshops are still a powerful format for individual and group development - in fact, a large part of my own practice is delivering these experiences. But as tighter travel and training budgets make it harder for leaders and managers, something else is needed alongside offsite training.  


2. World class individual and group-development experts are therefore finding it harder to 'get hired' by super-busy leaders and managers, who, ironically, need their assistance more than ever. . .


The Solution:

Bring the people who need help together with the experts who know what to do, in a way that minimizes the time and cost.

Thus the 'birth' of



The W@W site gives you 24/7 access to proven and practical resources from 'pros' in the fields of leadership development, group dynamics and change to help you deal with challenging situations at work - and in your life. Now any leader, manager, consultant, coach or change artist anywhere in the world can go online and get trustworthy, clear, and immediately-useful input and ideas from experts, 'The Good Stuff'.


The Three Major W@W Areas


1. Personal/Leadership Development This is one of the things that makes WiserAtWork different. Really different. Being a more effective leader of change starts with who you ARE inside your urge to make good things happen:  

  • Who is the person inside the position?
  • Where you are coming from determines where you end up.
  • How strong is your self-awareness and EQ?
  • What is being produced 'in here' (inside yourself) while things are being produced 'out there' (in the world)?

2. Group Dynamics The characteristics of High-Performing teams are clear, and the process for getting there is simple. It's sometimes hard, but it can be done and done relatively quickly if everyone is committed. WiserAtWork will show you how to turn your group into a high-performing team during your regular meetings!


3. Leading Change Since Kurt Lewin, the 'grandfather of applied behavioral science', began to look at how groups and larger systems change, I and my colleagues have been applying his powerful principles, up-dating them, and creating new ones. Change can not be managed. It can, however, be led. Because each situation is different, the change process must be re-discovered each time. WiserAtWork will show you how the pros go about designing, 'selling' and implementing change initiatives, from making the proposal and engaging stakeholders, all the way to completion.



Google? Sure. . .

You can Google these topics, and somewhere in the 1,567,328 alternatives (just a guess. . .) is exactly what you need! IF you have the time to sort through them all. W@W narrows down your search. Everything on the site is something I or my trusted colleagues use in our consulting work.


'My colleagues and I have been after John for years to get his materials "out there" to people who could use them. People like me! Fortunately, I have been able to work closely with John, not only as a friend, but also as a client and as a consulting colleague on several challenging change situations. He continues to amaze me with his creativity and common-sense approach to complex people and change situations. I'm "in"!' 

--Dr. Terry Rogers, CEO, Foundation for Health Care Quality, Seattle, WA, USA


As a W@W Member/Subscriber, you will be joining a global network of men and women who are deepening and expanding their own development.


The W@W Faculty

Some of the most experienced consultants, leaders, and coaches in the world are contributing their best material for you. People like:

  • Barry Johnson, creator of Polarity Management
  • Jake Jacobs, originator of Real-Time Strategic Change
  • Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist and consultant to government and business leaders,
  • Mike Murray, 'One of the best workshop facilitators I know' - John
  • Rick Maurer, author of Beyond Resistance
  • Agnieszka Wolanska, one of Central Europe's best HR/change consultants
  • Art McNeil, author of Leadership: The 'I' of the Hurricane

And others. (See their mini-bios in ABOUT US when you go to the site.)




My W@W User Experience

As a User/Member, I login to, allowing me to:


1. Watch the W@W Video-of-the-Week, bringing me a (5-10 minute) video with John or one of his colleagues with a piece of guidance or insight in one of the three major areas. (These are designed so you can view them privately OR show them to your team to start or end meetings.)


2. Read a bi-weekly article for fresh, provocative and useful thinking from the international Faculty of contributors.


3. Experience a monthly 'Feature-Film' video (15-45 minutes) on longer and more complex topics like The PINCH Theory, Polarity Management, The Three Worlds, The Sweet Spot, The Waterline, PAEI, Life Cycles, The Breakthrough Process and others.


4. Access a key-word-searchable library ('The W@W Treasure Trove') of highly-useful back issues of Scherer Leadership Report newsletters, articles, and other W@W print, audio or video materials, archived as they come on then site.


5. Print PPT slides that accompany the videos for use as handouts, as well as PDF versions of articles for reference. (Each video arrives with the actual accompanying PPT slides so you can edit and adapt to fit your situation.)


6. Listen to the monthly webinar, WiserAtWork Live, where John interviews Faculty, leaders, change artists and front line workers for powerful and useful lessons. (Starting in 2015.)


7. Search for and select a Leadership Coach (for an additional fee) from The International WiserAtWork Coaching Network.


The B2B Option. Companies or groups of 25 or more can purchase multiple subscriptions at a reduced rate. At higher quantities - or for an additional fee - we can even customize the W@W videos and materials specifically for your people. Contact for details.


Coming soon in Phase II:


1. The W@W Assessment Center, where you can assess yourself (and/or your team or department), get 360 feedback, and, if you want, connect with a W@W Coach/Consultant for follow-up.    


2. A W@W Community Forum, allowing you to connect with other Members, share suggestions on how to use the material, give feedback to the W@W Team, and build an international 'community of practice' interested in transforming the world at work.


3. A W@W 'Store', where you can purchase video packages and e-books, register for W@W seminars and workshops, and get W@W 'swag' like mousepads, coffee cups, T-Shirts, etc.


4. Share-a-Segment, allowing you to share videos and print materials with your colleagues.



Calling All LDI/EDI Graduates!


grupa polska 3

W@W was created with you in mind. If you are an LDI or EDI Graduate, we are planning a Special Section of the site with materials designed for helping you apply what you learned and keep alive - or re-awaken - that sense of purpose, power and peace you experienced in your course, regardless how long ago it was!


- - - - - - - - -


As a W@W Member, you will not be pestered by us, but once a week we will let you know via email about the new video(s) appearing on the site, and once a month we will give you login info for the W@W Live webinar with Guest Faculty.


W@W 'Tuition'

Think of the investment here as a kind of 'tuition'. Becoming a W@W Member is like 'going to school' with me and an international Faculty of pros who want to help you become more effective and fulfilled. Your first month is free. After that you will be auto-billed $29.95 each month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Give W@W a 'Test Ride' now! Go to Find out more about each of the categories as they scroll by, click 'learn more', then look at a few of the sample videos and articles. You probably know me, so send us feedback!


- - - - - - - - -

A personal note:

If I have learned anything over the years in my career that might be useful in unleashing the human spirit at work, I and my colleagues want to pass it on - before we 'pass on'.


It feels like everything I have ever been or done (Navy Combat Officer, Lutheran Pastor, Graduate School co-creator, Gestalt Therapist, Leadership and Organization Development experimenter, business entrepreneur, even rock-and-roller and magician) has brought me to this moment. 


My life mission has not changed - it's just a new 'delivery system' for translating the best useful-but-sometimes-complex theories, models and practices we change/transformation pros use everyday into 'street' language, and getting it into the hands and hearts of people lime you who might need it and who are eager to transform the world at work.



When you are ready to become a Member / Subscriber, just go to and click on 
Start my free month.


I hope you will join the global W@W Community!


--John and the W@W Team