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Volume 7, Number 2                                                                                     July 2015
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Presidents Letter:

By:  Rita Wilson, CEO, Tower MSA Partners,
        Communications Committee Chairman


For those who expected the normal, well written and informative letter from NAMSAP president, Kim Wiswell, this edition's opening remarks represent a bit of a change up and may come as a surprise to some.   Not to worry, Kim was kind enough to give me the floor for this issue. She will be back in character for next quarter's newsletter, sharing news, ideas and great stories from the NAMSAP Conference in September.

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Medical ThirParty Liability Recovery
ooto Be ThNexMedicare SecondarPayer?

By: Heather  Schwartz Sanderson
       Esq., MSCC, CHPE, CLMP, CMSP 
       Chief Legal Officer,  
       FrancoSignor LLC

Medicaid Third Party Liability (TPL) recovery across the nation is expanding. Medicaid TPL is quickly coming to the fore fronof the industry'conversation with regarto claims handlinwhere a Medicaid beneficiary maybe implicated. With healthcare spenothe rise and budgets being squeezed, the Federal government has recently been putting a great deal opressurupon the states to identify and recover in TPL situations. 

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Committee News

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Open Invitation: NAMSAP Committees


Dear NAMSAP List Members:


Due to the time and effort expended by the members of NAMSAP, our organization has built a national reputation as the only non-profit association dedicated exclusively to addressing the issues and challenges surrounding compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute. In large part, the status earned by NAMSAP has come about through a collaboration undertaken by a cross-section of dedicated professionals who comprise NAMSAP and many of whom serve as NAMSAP committee members.


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NAMSAP Board Members Meet with CMS MSP Program Operations Management Team


On June 15th, several NAMSAP board members had the pleasure of meeting with the current management team over the Division of MSP Program Operations within the Office of Financial Management. CMS representatives included Steve Forry, Director; Suzanne Mattes, Team Lead, Medicare Secondary Payer Policy & Performance; John Jenkins, Contracting Officer's Technical Representative/ WCRC Contract; and Erica Watkins, Health Insurance Specialist. Board attendees included Leslie Schumacher, Tom Spratt, Shawn Deane, and Kim Wiswell. The goal of the meeting was to provide additional input concerning the possible expansion of the re-review process for WCMSAs.

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NAMSAP Take The Hill 

NAMSAP members met with over 30 different Senate/House offices to discuss the much needed expansion of the WCMSA Re-Review process.  The NAMSAP members explained to the Senate/House offices that CMS previously released a Proposed Expansion of the WCMSA Re-Review process on February 11, 2014; however, since that time CMS has not taken any further action.


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NAMSAP Online Education 
Considering Medicare Advantage 
Plans In Your Settlement
Thursday, July 23, 2015
2:00 - 3:00 pm  EST
Since the late 1990s, stakeholders in workers' compensation and personal injury cases have become aware of Medicare's right of recovery. With expansion of the Medicare program through Parts C and D, the consideration of Medicare in cases has changed with the entrance of private insurance companies providing expanded Medicare options. This program with explore the implications Medicare Advantage Plans play in these cases and the current status of the law. 

ICD-10 We're Ready and Waiting!  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

On 10/01/2015, Medicare will begin tracking claims utilizing ICD-10 coding. Attendees will walk away with the following insights:
  • Why it is important to comply with this change regardless of the fact that workers compensation is considered an exempt entity.
  • The components that make up an actual ICD-10 code.
  • The impact of ICD-10 coding on the preparation of a WCMSA.
  • Practical experience in using ICD-10 coding.
  • Resources to assist with ICD-10 coding.

Call for Newsletter Articles

The NAMSAP Communications Committee would like to encourage you to submit an industry-related article for our upcoming newsletter. We are accepting submissions in the following categories: Legal, Legislative, and Medical. If you are interested in contributing to one of these categories, or have an idea for a new category, please contact Rita Wilson, Communications Committee Chair. She can be reached by email at