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What's Next?


You Talk...We Listen.


At Taiyo America we are all about the customer


As I travel around the world I am always asked, "What's next?" People want to know what we can do to help them not only produce a better product, but make it more competitive, as well. In America and Europe another question is, "How can you help us compete with our low cost Chinese competition?" Make no mistake, at Taiyo we take these questions very seriously because we are all about the customer.


The good news is that we are working on many new products, all of them focused on helping our customers produce better and more competitive products. Taiyo America always strives to make better products, we take time to listen to customers and make what they really want and need. We are truly focused on delivering lower cost / great performing products to help keep our markets going. A couple examples follow.

Color Stable White Solder Mask

The first is a white LED solder mask. This is definitely a growing market segment and there are some needs that are not being met in the market regarding cost and performance. We are addressing both of these needs focusing on a product that is cost effective by combining our North America fabrication capabilities (using local raw materials) and our global technical know-how, thus providing the performance needed in the EU and North American market places. In the end we will give our customers exactly what they need; a high reflectance, high color stability product that does not turn pink.


High Performance Green Solder Mask

The second product is a green solder mask geared towards the high performance requirements needed for the automotive industry. We initially designed this product for the EU market due to the large percentage of automotive boards produced there. As we evaluated this product through several trials we saw that this was more than just an automotive solder mask, but one that could be used for military, aerospace and medical applications, as well. Again we are delivering a lower cost product with exceptional performance and ease in processing. This product, PSR-4000 CC01SE was developed in our Carson City, Nevada lab in what is the most environmentally friendly solder mask made to date. It meets all of the most stringent environmental regulations that exist in Europe. It has also passed all IPC SM-840 testing, thermal cycle crack resistance for 2,000 hours, as well as hot storage at 150 degrees C for 2,000 hours. Best of all, it has already been UL listed.


Inkjet, Spray and Direct Imaging Products

As I mentioned previously, we continue to work on an inkjet solder mask, as well as spray solder mask and new direct imaging solder masks. Stay tuned to see the latest in solder mask technology!


Remember with Taiyo America all you have to do is ask.



The Cutting Edge of...3D Printing


There has been a lot of news lately about the technology of 3D printing, but not a lot of understanding behind it.  Just about everyone who is connected to the news is aware of issues behind being able to print things like guns, body organs, and car parts, but not a lot of people realize that there are a number of different kinds of 3D printers that work in very different ways.  Read more...  




If you have any questions or are interested in what new markets Taiyo America is exploring, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or at 775.885.9959, x. 132. 

I made it to Sweden!



Ah, the Nordic countries; the fresh air, the friendly people, the views.   Sweden had a destination for many people immigrating to North America years ago; that destination was Minnesota, my home state. Continued...







Donnie Monn

Business Development &

European Sales Manager

[email protected] 

p: 651.491.4199


Anaya's head shot
Anaya Vardya, CEO

An Interview with America Standard Circuit's CEO, Anaya Vardya


I recently had the chance to sit down with Anaya Vardya the CEO of American Standard Circuits in West Chicago, IL. His company is one of the true leaders when it comes to technology, innovation and research and development so I was very interested in what he had to say.  Click here for the conversation...

Learn more about two of Taiyo America's newest chemists...

Emily Truong
Lisa Kennedy
Taiyo's Spray Product & ITC Intercircuit's SC 150 in Action
ITC Intercircuit's SC 150

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