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    May 2014, Issue # 39
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Are you ready for ink jet solder mask?

We have the product we just need equipment with speed, consistency and reliability that the industry so badly wants


Several years ago Taiyo was asked what technology was going to break first; Direct Imaging (DI) solder mask or Inkjet solder mask. At the time we were convinced that DI was the best solution as the solder mask development work would take less time and the DI equipment offerings were much further along the way for mass production, but at the same time we realized that inkjet was truly a disruptive technology that Taiyo could not ignore. In fact, as we forged along developing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of DI solder mask we never gave up on Inkjet technology.  And in keeping with our on-going commitment to act as our customers' technology experts we actively pursued this technology. There was never a doubt in our minds that providing the industry with a true Inkjet solder mask solution would be ground breaking.


Over the past few years Taiyo has introduced some excellent Inkjet Legend Ink products that are supplied all over the world for rigid and flex substrates.


Then last June when I visited our R&D sites in Japan and Korea I was introduced to Inkjet solder mask.  Yes there it was, I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. I had previously seen other companies try with their own versions of inkjet SM that generally looked very grainy, too thin or coated right up to the copper traces. This was not the case when I saw the samples in Japan and Korea, it really looked like a standard solder mask. It had a few cosmetic issues that proved to me that it really was an Inkjet solder mask, but overall the appearance was quite amazing!


IJSR-4000 Series (Inkjet Solder Mask)



Black, Green, Yellow, Blue & White

Then again why was I surprised, with over one hundred product development engineers at our disposal there should have been no doubt that it would be Taiyo who would develop the first truly useable Inkjet solder mask product.

We were very excited to display panels at the APEX Show, but many observers were very skeptical about the slow processing based on the equipment currently used for inkjet legend, and I had to agree with them.  So the product is ready...now we need to equipment to use it on!


With that in mind I am issuing a challenge to all inkjet equipment suppliers out there. Who will be first to find a solution to the speed, consistency and reliability that the industry so badly wants from Inkjet.


We have the Inkjet solder mask, now we just need the equipment to handle it...are you ready?



The Cutting Edge...of Wearable Electronics


In this issue, we will be exploring the world of wearable electronics.  While wearable electronics has been around for quite some time in the form of hearing aids, pacemakers, and other such devices, there has been a large number of new electronics that have made their way into retail markets in recent years.  A lot of the new electronics are designed for the health industry to be paired with a smartphone or tablet.  At the last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there was an entire section devoted to wearable electronics in the health and fitness industry that included pedometers, heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucose monitoring systems, and medication monitoring devices.  These devices can empower individuals to take a more active role in their personal health by keeping track of their vitals and exercise, and it can also be accessed by their doctor to track changes in the patient's body that may pose future issues. 


In addition to the health-based wearable electronics, there are also a number of augmented reality based wearable electronics.  Several companies have now come out with some sort of goggle type of heads up display that can be coupled with a smartphone for use.  These devices have the capability to do such things as make phone calls, text, give directions, and augment the visual world with information including the history of a given building or city, places to eat and stay, or to pinpoint friends in the area.  Whether these devices supersede current smart phone devices remains to be seen, but the current investment in this market would indicate that there is a great interest in developing these devices for the retail market.


Besides the two market segments that were mentioned above, there are also a number of other areas where wearable electronics are vying for attention such as incorporating charging ability into bags and clothing, enabling wearables to control electronic devices via Bluetooth (like gloves, jackets, and bags), and incorporating various types of sensors into clothing and gear to monitor the environment for dangerous conditions.  Taiyo America is keeping abreast of the newest technologies to come to market, and the wearable electronics market looks like one to keep an eye on for the future.   



Josh Goldberg

Marketing Specialist


For readers that are interested in information regarding these exciting technologies, the materials, processes, or our participation, please feel free to contact me at joshg@taiyo-america.com or at 775.885.9959, x. 132. 



It's 10am on Tuesday the 25th of March, 2014; the doors just opened and the crowds are coming in as though Walmart just announced a 3 for 1 sale.  The anticipation is deafening, hair on the back of your neck is standing, you start to sweat and your shoes feel tight as you see your first opportunity heading down the aisle in a full out gallop.  Are you prepared?  Do you have the answers to the pending questions?  This is life as we know it at the annual APEX show which was held in Las Vegas this year.  The attendance was very similar to last year but the number of exhibitors increased.  I take this as a good sign and look forward to a growing attendance at the show next year.


The APEX show just keeps getting more interesting as technology changes.  It's one thing to think you know what people are going to be interested in and it's another thing altogether to see your hunches come true.  We talk to our customers all year long and they tell us what they are going to need going forward.  Watching the masses at the show proves to me that we are correctly identifying the wants and needs of our customer base.


Direct imaging (either by laser or LED's) will continue to blow-up in our industry as customers realize the true cost of mis-registration.  The cost of discarding panels so late in the process has become an eye opener for oh so many, and it doesn't have to be that way.  Maybe we should adopt a slogan from the meat industry, "direct imaging, it's not just for dry film anymore".  


If you failed to stop by the Taiyo booth this year you missed out on a lot of new and exciting things.  First of all, a conversation with the sales group is always an entertaining endeavor.  Subsequently, we could have discussed our new via fill materials and the latest development in white masks for LEDs.  And of course, we could have entertained you with our new offerings for spray applications and crack resistant masks for the automotive industry.


But the "Holy Grail", the "Grand Slam" the "Icing on the Cake" would have to be the Inkjet solder mask that was on display in the Taiyo booth.  This is not a misprint, Taiyo displayed several colors of solder masks applied via Inkjet technology.  When released, this will be a game-changer and could be as exciting as when the Minnesota Twins won the 1987 and 1991 World Series.


In all seriousness, if you did not stop by our booth or if you somehow overslept and completely missed the show, you should call your local Taiyo sales rep and ask for an update on this or other product lines.


It is never too early to make your plans to visit the 2015 APEX show which is scheduled for the week of February 23rd in San Diego.  And rest assured, it is "San Diego" regardless of Ron Burgundy's pronunciation.







Donnie Monn

Business Development &

European Sales Manager


p: 651.491.4199 


Interview with Dave Ryder, Founder of Prototron Circuits, Inc. 

Dave Ryder


Dave Ryder held a number of leadership positions in PCB shops in the Seattle area where he saw a real need for Quick Turn prototypes. 
With that in mind he founded Prototron Circuits in 1987 and the rest is history.

"Checking out our Customers"


Prototron Circuits, Redmond Washington and Tucson Arizona


A talk with Dave Ryder, President and Founder


We thought it would be fun to visit with our long time customers to see what they are up to and get their feedback as to how we are doing. So to kick things off we decided to talk to Dave Ryder owner of Prototron Circuits. In business for over 27 years Prototron Circuits specializes in quick turn prototype business, especially high mix/low volume work. With two locations: Redmond, Washington and Tucson, Arizona and a national sales team of 10 direct sales professionals Prototron deals with literally 100's of customers providing them with very high-end customer service including 98% on-time delivery and quality.


Dan: Great talking to you today Dave, one of the reasons we wanted to start this series with you was that we noticed that you really take advantage of our series of various colored products.


Dave: Absolutely, we've even given away a fan of small circuit boards highlighting all of the colors we can offer because they are made available to us by Taiyo. In fact these little items have become part of our trade mark literature.


Dan: Why is this so important to you guys?


Dave: Because it represents giving the customers what they want, which is what we at Prototron are all about.  If a customer wants his boards in 24 hours we will do that for him. If she wants her boards with purple solder mask or red solder mask then we are thrilled to give her want she wants. This is what the colors represent to us.


Dan: I notice that you call yourselves "America's Board Shop", what does that mean to you?


Dave: It means everything to us. There has been so much contracting of our industry here in the United States that we felt that we had to take a stand, we had to declare ourselves on one side or the other and we came down on the side of the U.S. We are proud to call ourselves America's Board Shop. And by the way this is a strong reason why we work with Taiyo, yes we know that you are a Japanese owned company but what we really like is that we know your products are fabricated right here in the United States. This is critical to us; we buy American products whenever possible.


Dan: How is business going for you guys so far this year?


Dave: Business has been very strong for us. We have been hitting our numbers, so we can't complain.


Dan: That sounds good, in fact a little surprising, do you think there is some room for optimism then?


Dave: Yes I do. I think that those companies who are willing to get out there and try, those who are willing to invest in marketing and sales people and who make sure that their performance is up to par will do better this year and for the next few years for that matter.


Dan: Sounds good. Just one more question then. What do you think we at Taiyo can do for you and your company?


Dave: I'm glad you asked that. I have a couple of ideas. First is please keep making those colored masks, we really use those, secondly keep making your products here in the United States, we need as strong a vendor base as possible, and finally, keep working and perfecting that Direct Imaging solder mask, that would be a big help to us.


Dan: Okay got it. Dave thanks for taking the time today and good luck with the rest of the year.


For more information visit: www.prototron.com 




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