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Understanding the Surface Energy of Solder Mask


We receive many inquiries about the surface energy of solder mask regarding what it should be and what affects it. Let me start by explaining what surface energy entails, it has two factors. The first being a factor of disperse surface energy and the second being the polarity of the surface energy. The disperse factor is commonly measured using dyne pens, this determines wetting properties of a surface. The polarity factor is measured by determining the contact angle and can add detail to the wetting properties as well as how two materials will adhere to each other.

The wetting is also determined by the surface tension of the liquid being used on the solder mask.  Surface tension is measured by a number of methods with the most common being the Du No´┐Ży Ring method in units of dynes/cm, and it can be affected by temperature and mixtures with other liquids.  Water, for example, measures at 71.97 dynes/cm at room temperature, but drops to 58.85 dynes/cm at 100oC.  If you add just 11% ethanol to water, the surface tension can drop to 46.03 dynes/cm.

Photo 1 Wetting with low surface tension of liquid
Photo 2 Wetting with high surface tension of liquid

For PCBs, we are generally dealing with the dispersion of conformal coats or adhesives to the solder mask surface. Using a dyne pen allows you to measure the surface energy of the solder mask and then you can compare it to the conformal coat or adhesive's surface tension to see if they will wet onto the solder mask. The surface energy of the solder mask must be higher than surface tension of the conformal coat or adhesive, or you will observe dewetting. The dyne pen test is quite simple in that you select a dyne pen with a specific number and streak it onto the solder mask surface. If it dewets within three seconds, the solder mask surface energy is lower than the surface tension dyne pen. If the dewet appears after three seconds or not at all, the solder mask is higher or equal to the surface tension of the dyne pen.

Photo 3 Dewetting of legend ink on solder mask
Photo 4 Wetting of legend ink on solder mask

Taiyo America solder mask products have dyne pen readings from 34 - 52 dynes/cm after the final cure process. The surface energy can change with additional processing such as UV cures, thermal cures for legend inks, final finish plating and assembly processes. Any process that introduces energy to the solder mask surface or alters the surface of the solder mask will affect the surface energy. Some processes (such as plasma etch) may cause the surface energy to increase or other processes may cause the surface energy to decrease. Outside of direct measurement, it is very difficult to predict how a solder mask's surface energy will react to the various processes following final curing.

On the Edge...of Intersolar North America 2013  



I'd like to talk a little bit about the InterSolar North America conference and expo in San Francisco, CA July 9-11 (see the links within this newsletter for more information). In the spirit of Taiyo's dedication to expanding into new, cutting edge markets, we are happy to announce that we will have a booth (#8812) at one of the largest solar shows in North America. We will be displaying how our conductive, dielectric, adhesive, and barrier coatings can fit into a number of solar technologies.  We will also be using this opportunity to talk to the various solar manufacturers who will be displaying their products at the conference. 

We would like to invite anyone curious about our involvement with the solar market and the products that we have to offer, to stop by our booth.  Many of our managers will be in attendance and available to speak to including Regional Sales Managers, Technical Service Engineers, our Manager of Sales & Marketing, and our OEM Technology Manager & Director.

You can also contact me at the information below if you would like to set up a specific appointment during the conference.  We look forward to seeing you at the show!



Josh Goldberg

Marketing Specialist


For readers that are interested in information regarding these exciting technologies, the materials, processes, or our participation, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or at 775.885.9959, x. 132. 



Focus on Distributors - Tech-Knowledge Ltd. (Israel)


Every month we like to visit with various members of the Taiyo team and see what they are up to. I ask them six key questions (hence the name Dan's Six Pack) and see what we find out. In this issue I am talking to Avi Gitlin and Sigal G. Cohen of Tech-Knowledge (our main distributor in Israel) to get their perspective on what it is like to sell Taiyo products in their country.


DAN:  Tell us a little bit about your firm. What area do you cover? How long have you been in business?


Founded in 1986, Tech-Knowledge represents some of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of materials, equipment, and technical services for the PCB industry, the electronics industry, and materials (epoxies and silicones) for manufacturers of optical and medical equipment in Israel. Tech-Knowledge has built its reputation upon its knowledge, experience and professionalism, and above all, the quality of service it provides to its customers. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Tech-Knowledge, and Tech-Knowledge takes care to give each of its customers personal and individual attention.


Avi Gitlin -  

"For many years I was the PCB plant manager at IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), this gave me a vast amount of experience, but then I decided to start a new venture as the founder of Tech-Knowledge in 1986 and Tech-Knowledge became Taiyo's distributor in 1990."


Sigal G. Cohen -

"Mass communications, advertising and PR are the fields that l came from to Tech-Knowledge, and as such, I was able to contribute my skills in promoting Tech-Knowledge. In recent years, I wrote and published children books that present and reflect on my life experience as a world-wide business woman and as a mother of 3 boys who needs to find the delicate balance between career and motherhood. Each story in my books brings some personal experience and is accompanied by psychological research."


DAN:  How are things going right now in your territory?


AVI & SIGAL:  In Israel we have 3 major PCB board shops that specialize in Flex, Flex/Rigid and High Count Multilayer technology.  Taiyo's materials are implemented at Eltek Ltd, PCB Ltd. and Print Electronics. Taiyo is considered as a supplier of high quality products, as well as a market leader whose reputation is well known and respected in Israel.


DAN:  What do you consider Taiyo's best-selling product in your region?


AVI & SIGAL:  The most popular Taiyo materials in Israel are the THP-100DX1 and the IJR-4000 series of products.


DAN:  What do you think is the biggest advantage that Taiyo products have over the competition?


AVI & SIGAL:  Quality is the outstanding advantage of Taiyo products. Another advantage is the great technical support we receive from Bob MacRae and Steve Campisi, who visit Israel.


DAN:  I agree, with you about those guys. They are certainly an asset to the Taiyo marketing effort in Europe. Tell me how is business in your region in general?


AVI & SIGAL:  The Israeli industry is very much influenced by the global business climate as we're part of the "global village". It's important to mention that Israel is a "start-up society" which means that many start-up companies start their projects in Israel and when they reach production level, they move to other countries in the Far East or Eastern Europe. Many of the applications come from the Aerospace and Military industries and by approving Taiyo material to an application in these fields, we can guarantee years of supply of Taiyo products.  

DAN:  How do you see the market going in the next year? In the next five years. We'd like to hear your opinion.


AVI & SIGAL:  We believe that in the future Printed Electronics will replace a big portion of PCB technology, although being a market that is heavily based in Military and Aerospace, the PCBs will still exist in our market for many years because changes are taking a long time to adapt.


Thank you both. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me today. I love the idea of getting another perspective on the PCB market in other parts of the world. I appreciate your openness and candor and look forward to talking with you again in the future!

Avi Gitlin & Sigal Cohen

JPCA 2013

This year, we had the opportunity to attend the 43rd annual JPCA show in Japan.  Bob MacRae (European Sales Manager), Josh Goldberg (Marketing Specialist), Toru Fukata (COO & Director), Akio Sekimoto (OEM Manager) and John Fix (Manager & Director of Sales and Marketing) attended from Taiyo America.

The show is among the largest of its kind with more than 120,000 in attendance over three days.  The focus, as is usually the case in electronics, is smaller and faster and ways to make better use of the available PCB real estate.    Emphasis on materials for embedded components was strong, as was materials to meet greater resolution requirements.  From the equipment side, there were several new companies introducing Direct Imaging equipment, many utilizing LED light sources.

The JPCA show gives Taiyo a great opportunity to display many of its new products and emerging technologies such as Ink Jet Solder Mask, High Temperature Resistant Solder Mask, Dry Film Resists for plating bump formations and Conductive Inks for Touch Screen applications.

TAIYO INK MFG. CO., LTD.'s booth at JPCA 2013




Booth # 8812









Booth #F06
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Taiyo America, Inc. is a subsidiary of TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., the world's leading manufacturer of specialty inks and solder masks for printed circuit boards. Based on Taiyo's own proprietary technology, Taiyo's PSR-4000 liquid photoimageable solder mask products have been patented throughout the world. Taiyo now offers conductive inks for manufacturing printed electronics, solar cells and other applications.
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