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The chemistry behind solder mask exposing



In North America and Europe there continues to be a push from conventional exposing to various types of direct imaging (DI). Because of this Taiyo America has worked very hard to develop products to meet these market demands. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make one product to meet all of the various types of DI systems. Within the chemistry of solder mask you have PhotoInitiators (PI) that absorb the UV light from the exposure unit and transfer this energy into making the solder mask polymer stronger and resistant to chemical attack such as in the developer. In a chemical form you have the following reaction occurring:




The UV light to create the PI radical is very dependent on both the PI and the wavelength of the UV light source. For conventional exposing, the UV light is over a broad range of light from 300 nm to 420 nm; thus many PI systems will work. However, for the various DI systems you have light sources at different wavelengths and at different intensities. For example, the Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) from Orbotech utilizes the UV light around 355 nm, while many of the other DI machines will use UV light in the 380 nm, 395 nm or 405 nm ranges. Due to these differences in the wavelength and their intensity, not one type of PI system will work. For these reasons, Taiyo America has developed products that optimize the wavelength for the various DI systems.  







On the Edge...of Touch Displays 


The introduction of smart phones and e-readers a few years ago has shifted the market for portable touch displays into high gear.  Many companies are now striving to make touch displays lighter, more energy efficient, cheaper to manufacture, and in some cases more flexible.  Some of the ways that these goals are being accomplished is by the further development of technologies such as OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) and e-Ink™ devices, development of new substrates such as flexible ultra-thin glass, and development of new production methods for displays such as roll-to-roll or inkjet printing.

In keeping Taiyo on the edge of technology, we have developed a number of products that can be utilized in the portable touch display market.  The diagram below shows where our products fit into these devices:





This is just another way that we are striving to be Your Ultimate Solution. 




Josh Goldberg

Marketing Specialist


For readers that are interested in information regarding these exciting technologies, the materials, processes, or our participation, please feel free to contact me at or at 775.885.9959, x. 132.





HI, my name is Lynda Bell and I joined the Taiyo America family almost six years ago, as the Bookkeeping Supervisor.  I oversee the daily bookkeeping functions and work directly with our customers, managing credit and collections.  My background includes many years as a staff accountant in the freight, construction and manufacturing industries.


At Taiyo America we honor our slogan "You're Not Alone with Taiyo".  This applies to our credit and collections, as well.  I strive to help our customers with their credit, as I am the liaison between the customer, the salesman, customer service and management when it comes to handling the customer's credit needs. It is my pleasure to work together with all our customers and our Taiyo family members.  I enjoy getting to know our customers, and I continually try to learn their operations, so that I can better work with management to help meet those needs.  My favorite quote is "Life is what happens when you make other plans."  It is my goal to help our customers when they have to make other plans.


As we travel through life we each experience different types of business organizations.  At Taiyo America our organization is more like a family, where we work together to meet our customer's needs in a friendly and professional manner.  I am proud to be part of the Taiyo America family.  In addition to my Taiyo family, my husband and I are blessed with a large family; 4 children and 11 grandchildren.  We enjoy sharing camping and sports, especially football, with our family.  


February 19-21, 2013

San Diego Convention Hall


The industry's premier event in the Americas was visited by more than 50 countries - featuring advanced and emerging technologies in printed board design and manufacturing, electronics assembly, test and printed electronics. Some of the highlights of the show:


       400 of the Top Industry Suppliers

       Keynotes with Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Larry Burns, and B. Gentry Lee

       Networking Events

       BUZZ Sessions

       Poster Presentations

       Technical Conference Sessions

       50 Professional Development Courses

       80+ Standards Development Meetings

The Expo was very well attended by Taiyo America's President, Director, OEM Manager, Manager & Director of Sales and Marketing, Sales Engineers, Technical Service Engineers, Marketing Specialist, Technical Manager, UL Manager (from Taiyo Ink), and Taiyo Distributors and Sales Agents.


Successful networking took place with our Customers, Equipment Manufacturers and OEMs which reinforced their feeling of satisfaction, and our ability to be YOUR ULTIMATE SOLUTION.



REALTIME Interview at IPC  EXPO '13

Pictured from left to right: Don Monn, Brian Wojtkiewicz, Toru "Ty" Fukata, Melanie Binzel, John Fix, Haruomi "Harry" Yoshimoto & Bob MacRae
Pictured from left to right: Don Monn, Brian Wojtkiewicz, Toru "Ty" Fukata, Akio Sekimoto, John Fix, Haruomi " Harry" Yoshimoto & Bob MacRae






Facility Shot
Taiyo America, Inc. is a subsidiary of TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., the world's leading manufacturer of specialty inks and solder masks for printed circuit boards. Based on Taiyo's own proprietary technology, Taiyo's PSR-4000 liquid photoimageable solder mask products have been patented throughout the world. Taiyo now offers conductive inks for manufacturing printed electronics, solar cells and other applications.
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