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Summer is over, school is back and you need to focus on over reaching those sales or fundraising goals you set in January.  End the year with a bang by schooling up your marketing knowledge. Here is a free guide and free tips for how attention span affects your marketing efforts to facebook posts designed to reach your goals.  Attend my 2 FREE Sept. Webinars & Local Sept. Workshops in Upland and Carson plus a hands-on Laptop Content Marketing Class on Sept 23 in Hawthorne to find the content that gets you results. If you need any help sooner make an online or in person appointment for 1-1 help here
1. A recent scientific study showed a reduction hook the right fish on the average human attention span from an average of 12 seconds down to 8!  Scientists think it is related to social media practices and multi-tasking. We are 1 second behind goldfish (9 second average). So how does that affect your marketing plans? This month focus on messages that are short and to the point, put a big emphasis on the hook (content) so you can catch the right fish (your target market). Use pictures plus links that move traffic strategically (think sound bites).

marketing strategy online
2. Did you know that facebook has changed it up quite a bit this year? It is time for you to check your page and see if you are using tabs, posts, promoted posts and smartly placed dollars to boost your post and run some ads that target your market.  Don't just jump in and start, pick a goal and plan it. Read my blog on facebook strategy and the different post methods to achieve different goals. Then put a fourth quarter plan together to get specific goals met.

3. I am a big believer in using holidays for promotions to connect with your customer base and increase the reach of your message. Use these Sept. dates for sale deadlines, #hashtags and social media posts since these event days already get press and followers: #V-JDay (9/2) #LaborDay (9/7)  #grandparentsday & #RoshHashanah (9/13). Make your deadlines easier to remember and reach the target market for that celebration day followers.

Run a facebook fan promotion
4. Plan a successful facebook fan promotion to drive your leads and sales dollars up and get more fans and action on your facebook page. See how it works when you  Download a FREE Facebook Promotion Guide now from my facebook page.  If you don't use facebook, Email me for a copy of the guide.

5. Got Questions? Email here. And remember my 2.5 hour special to focus on your business or campaigns is only $250 and will result in a check list to get done by you or my company! If you have specific projects you can't find time to do, Email me for a proposal.

Are you looking to get started with your Email or Event Marketing, Surveys & Polls or Social Media Campaigns on Facebook (like my guide above)? Get a FREE Constant Contact Toolkit Trial and use it for 60 days. Or contact me for a paid account and I will help you get started right away.

    training classes online and localFREE & FEE Workshops (click to info/register)

Upland 9-11:00

Online Webinar 10-11:00
Email Marketing - 10 Steps To Push Send!

Hawthorne 9-1:00
Online campaigns that Work - Designing Offers & Promos! Plus Optional Hands-On Laptop Content Marketing Bootcamp

Carson 10-11:30
Social Media 102 - You're Social, Now What?

# WebinarWednesday Online Webinar 2-2:45
Social Media Marketing + Pinterest Sells!

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