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So much is going on online and I want to keep you up to date on changes that can effect your marketing efforts. We are down to the second half of the year, so it is time for you to take a look at your stats and see if your time online is paying off. Are you seeing people connect and respond to your efforts? Are you able to add them to a list so you can reach out and keep in touch? Are the people following you online the same folks you want to reach (your target market). If not, it is time to attract those folks to your networks so you can keep in touch.  Here are my tips and FREE workshops for August and September. If you need any help, contact me
1.  Did you see the viral campaign that resulted from Story Goes Viral #TheEmptyChair a cover on NY Magazine's July 27th issue showing the women who have spoken out about the alleged sexual assault by Bill Cosby, and more importantly, those who were not represented? The conversation exploded online with a hashtag #theemptychair and it serves as an example of how online media mix works to deliver a message to a much larger audience (even when a website goes down). Read my blog on the media mix used and an explanation of how #twitter, #instagram, #tumblr, #facebook & #Youtube worked hand in hand with traditional print to share the story.

2. Are you planning your next promotional push? Keep in mind that we have holidays and events coming up that you can tie your promotions into with #hashtags and social media posts. September brings #V-JDay (9/2) #LaborDay (9/7)  #grandparentsday (9/13) #RoshHashanah (9/13). If you are having a promotion in September, start building it up now! Tie them into a holiday date, to make the deadline easier to remember. Also you can use the hashtags to reach the target market for the celebration.

3. Have you checked your facebook insights lately? If you are using social media, you can learn a lot about the people who are your fans or in your network. It is important to check in and know the demographics of those folks and which of your posts they are responding to and which they ignore. To get directions on how to check the stats and see what is available, google the social media platform plus the keyword insights or stats and you should get directions on how to access them. If you cannot find them, email me and I will forward you a link.

4. Are you looking to grow your business? Join my FREE webinar on 8/13 to plan your promotions and your next outreach for business growth. FREE Workshop 8/13We will be using a worksheet to step-by-step plan your next promotion, set the media mix and social media to get the job done. Set up realistic expectations and learn what online tools you can use to accomplish your goals.


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5. Are you using Instagram to grow your business? Is it right for you? Here is my FREE Guide to Instagram Getting Started. Set up your account and see if it is a tool that can help you accomplish your goals. The target market is younger than Pinterest on average but Instagram is growing ad stats show it is becoming a play in consumer branding and sales. And now hootsuite has integrated it into it's platform as well so you don't have to post it separately. Download it now from my facebook page or if you don't use facebook, Email me for a copy.

6. Got Questions? Email here. And remember my 2.5 hour special to focus on your business or campaigns is only $250 and will result in a check list to get done by you or my company! If you have specific projects you can't find time to do, Email me for a proposal.

Are you looking to get started with your Email or Event Marketing, Surveys & Polls or Social Media Campaigns on Facebook (like my guide above)? Get a FREE Constant Contact Toolkit Trial and use it for 60 days.

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