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The first 6 months of 2015 are over--Wow! Are you rocking your sales or marketing goals? Follow the tips in this newsletter to make the most of 2015 by setting new goals today and adjusting the online tools I mention in my tips today.Marketing Check-up Remember that growing your outreach takes commitment and intention so start by setting some goals for your next 6 months. Did you update your website to mobile-responsive? Did you add the action buttons to your facebook page? Did you check on your closing or appointment rate to see if your team is improving? Download my 6 month check up to see how you are doing. If you need help on ideas to get you farther, Email me for a check-in appointment. In the meantime, please join me in July & August at my online & local workshops listed below. This is the year to achieve your goals!

1.  Facebook has a lot of new features including action buttons. From call me to make an appointment, add the action you want people to take to get more done from your facebook page. Remember that a Facebook business page is public so anyone can take these actions.  Still not set up as a business page on Facebook? If you are still getting friends requests from your page, it is not a public business page and you are missing out on important features for your business. Download my facebook guide below.

2. Have you checked out your sales goals against your reality? Many times the problem is not that you do not have a great product, it is that you need some Sales Strategies help training on good sales techniques. We start by conducting surveys for our customers yearly and learn a lot about what the competition is doing and what makes our clients better.  These facts give the sales team a great perspective on how best to sell your products and services and also provides new ideas on how to give better service or adjust your selling techniques for 2015. Read my blog on increasing your sales & business growth

3. Are you spending too much time on Social Media with mediocre results? Consider attending my Timesaver Workshop (next one in Hawthorne on 7/23) with tips on how to get more done in less time using online tools. Start by looking at your insights on your social media sites to see what benefits you are actually getting and who is paying attention. Did you know you can actually get a lot done based on the types of posts you are putting out there. Strategize on one goal at a time and you will be more successful. If you don't have time, consider setting up a time for us to meet online and guide you through some changes or we can just make them for you if you prefer to hire us to do so.

facebook guide
4. If you have not looked at your Facebook page lately, download this guide to Facebook and go through the features that you may not have set up. Facebook has tabs that are pull down menus now and you can add a lot of pages to your site and then use them as posts to bring people to them. Also there are action buttons you can set up to get people to call you, make an appointment or other actions to start a dialog. if you don't use facebook yet, Email me for a copy.

5. Got Questions? Email here. And remember my 2.5 hour special to focus on your business or campaigns is only $250 and will result in a check list to get done by you or we can help you with that too!

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