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While kids are getting out of school, I suggest you school-up on the latest time saving tools for more effective marketing online.  Below you will find news on changes for Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and a link for our Getting Started with Twitter guide. Join me this week or month at my FREE workshops & webinars and 2 local laptop classes this week (Email Marketing Get Started on 6/10 in Harbor City)  and Social Media Timesavers with Pinterest Laptop Workshops on 6/13 in Costa Mesa). 

Now that we are 1/2 way through the year, please check your 2015 marketing goals or download my annual check-up list to help you review your progress. Are you on track?  If not, change up your program. Need help? Try a brainstorming session, 1-1 training or let us help you expedite it, please call 310-791-6300 or Email me.

1.  Did you know that Google search now includes twitter feeds? Take a look at my blog to see how that works and how you can use this change to your advantage. If you are tweeting relevant content, it may be seen on google searches on smart phones as of 2 weeks ago.

2.  Are you running facebook ads? Find out how to increase your reach and put your ad in front of your customers, their friends and target others who have similar buying habits. Read my blog on how to use facebook ads. We sold over 50 hotel rooms in 5 days using targeted boosts and ads. 

3. Are you getting a value from the time you are spending on social media?  Get the latest Online & Social Media Marketing & Timesaving Tips at my workshop in Hermosa Beach on June 11.   Or click here for a list of all my upcoming workshops and webinars to help you get more done in less time online.

4. Did you know that Pinterest is now offering promoted pins? It's powerful search engine and web page referral system makes Pinterest  the number 1 Direct Response social media platform to date & buyers spend 2xs as much on purchases from Pins over facebook.  Come create your Pinterest Boards with relevant content at my Laptop Workshop on June 13th in Costa Mesa. Plus learn some social media timesaving tips that can save you hours. Remember to post your pins to facebook for the best results.

5. Now that google search is delivering tweets, consider adding twitter to your marketing plan. Bloggers and the press love it and I am providing a FREE Getting Started with Twitter guide on my facebook page to my readers. Just click here and download the guide to get started with Twitter. Also please "like" my page to be notified each month when I post another helpful guide for business owners.

6. Is it time to change up your website? Consider that up to 60% of your market are looking at your website on mobile phones now. And these viewers are impatient. So in a few seconds they need to know what you do and what you sell or what your non-profit needs or does. Quick, easy navigation should lead them to what you want them to see as soon as possible. Email me to see how your mobile looks on multiple devices. Or get a competitive analysis of your website ($500) showing how your company measures up online plus suggestions to improve your results.  Got Questions? Email  here.

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