Are you ready to Rock Your Spring?
online advertising alternatives

Try these online tools to grow your fans, followers and increase your leads and follow-up. 
Tip 1: Are you ready to select some online digital marketing tools?
Whether or not you are ready, the ad world is changing your digital results and you need to know your options for online advertising. Read my Online Alternative Advertising blog to get up to date on the terms and your alternatives to make the most of your ad efforts, your budget and your results. Need help? Email me.

Tip 2: 
Google Mobile is Making a Change You Need To Know!
By April 15th Google Mobile will be prioritizing websites that are mobile enabled to serve customers websites that are easy to navigate on their handheld devices. That means that if you have not created a mobile version of your website you will not receive those leads. Click here for a list of 10 Tips for Mobile Website Design

Tip 3: Are you setting up a social campaign for March or April?
With St. Patrick's Day, Passover and Easter coming up 10 ways to grow social not to mention
Spring Break vacations, there is no company that cannot use Spring for a special promotion. From Thank you's to a fan building Social Campaign, increase fans & Email subscribers now. Download my guide on 10 Ways to Grow Using Social Media. You can use Facebook or contact me to help design a social campaign to fit your business model. If you don't use Facebook,
Email Me for a copy.

Tip 4: Are you using Event Marketing to Grow Your Business?
One way to set your company apart as experts in a field is to host events and workshops that give potential clients an opportunity to connect with you or one of your employees or vendors on a personal level.  If you are an event planner or you are using workshops or events to spread the word about your business, make sure you are using online tools and a follow-up program to make the most of those events. Join me in Torrance on Thursday 3/12 for a FREE Event Marketing Workshop to maximize your events and manage them more effectively.

Tip 5: How are your Email Marketing and Blog Subscribers Going?
There are many ways to keep your fans and followers engaged, but the best way is using engaging content on your blog or Email Marketing program to keep them coming back. Join me on April 11th for a Content Hands-on Laptop Workshop to develop your content for your blog, newsletter or social media campaign. Learn how to create content that generates an action and encourages subscribers. For ideas on content development, make an appointment with me or read my blog on content marketing first. Let's develop content that's right for your business to post on social media and your online forums and website.

Tip 6: Do you want to get in front of 1500 small business owners? Constant Contact is holding a Mega Workshop Day in Pasadena on May 13th and you can have a booth or be a major sponsor. Contact me for sponsorship packages to learn your options. I want to help you grow.
Tip 7:  Are you on track to reach your 2015 goals this quarter?
Did you review your marketing expenses and results from last year yet? Tax time is perfect to determine what you spent and measure your results. If you have not filled out my marketing checklist, Download it today while your 2014 expenses are on your mind.

So get busy, March is the end of the 1st quarter and I want you to Rock it!  Join me in Torrance for Event Marketing Workshop or in Hawthorne (Create Effective Email Marketing). If you want more help on your business or organization strategy, contact me for a private consultation. My introductory 2.5 hour package for $250 will help you focus on your marketing goals and identify the projects you need to expedite first. If you need help with ideas or someone to review your marketing plan with you, Email me to make an appointment.
Liz Harsch
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