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February is half over and I've put together ideas to help you make the most of it.  Here are 5 Tips to Make February More Successful!

Tip 1: Make Content Marketing Your Number One Goal This Year!
Content Marketing is a must do for 2015. If you want to know how to increase your reach and your website traffic, it all boils down to the words you use and the content you put out. Take a look at my blog on 5 Tips to Successful Content Marketing to get more eyes to your website & company. Remember that search rules the internet and words are more important than art when it comes to searches (SEO -Search Engine Optimization).

Tip 2: Let's Make February a Fan-bruary!
Are you using Pinterest to grow your business? If not, February and March are great months to make it happen. When you login in on facebook, your pins are shared as a post and they glean you "likes".  So, consider creating a Pinterest Board that offers your customers ideas on the upcoming holidays, events or actions for spring. Then integrate your products (with direct links to your website pages) on the boards that make sense. Need examples? See how companies today are growing business with Pinterest when you Download my FREE Pinterest Guide from my facebook page.  If you don't use facebook, Email Me for a copy of the Guide.

Tip 3: Use Holiday Marketing Promotions - Start March Promos Now!
I hope you have continued to build your holiday marketing plan by using Valentine's Day and President's Day deadlines to thank and motivate your customers. If not, consider the many holidays coming up in March and April (from St. Patricks Day to March Madness and Easter). Add some Pinterest Boards to your marketing efforts and tie-in holiday hash tags on twitter to get more website visitors and more eyes on you.

Tip 4: Social Media Advertising is Becoming a Necessity 
Remember that facebook is now only sharing your posts with 15% of your fans so you need to grow your fan list and you also need to advertise on facebook if you want to get your posts viewed. Read my blog on new advertising options if you are using social media to grow your business. Learn more about how it works.
Tip 5: Is your Mobile Website Ready For Action?
Another key action you can take is to check your mobile website to see how it appears for your online audience.  If you have not reviewed your website on different mobile platforms to see how it works, check it out today. If you need help, read my blog on 10 Tips for Your Mobile Website. You can also Email me for a website link to see your website on different phones.

Have a wonderful February and a successful 2015! Start the year off right with my free classes below or set up a private strategy consultation with me. My introductory 2.5 hour package for $250 will help you focus on your marketing goals and identify the projects you need to expedite first. If you need help with ideas or someone to review your marketing plan with you, Email me to make an appointment.
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