Social Media Not ScaryHappy Halloween
It is October and I have some treats for you!  For those of you in Torrance, Hawthorne, Riverside, Murietta & Indio, come to my FREE workshops for tips on recent changes on social media and how to rock the end of the year to achieve your goals using promotions, email and social media together. Plus review my tips for your marketing plans this month and if you need help strategizing, remember I have two hour packages that can get you on the right road, whether you are driving or you want us to take the wheel! Reap the benefits below & don't be afraid to switch it up this spooky social season.
Rock Social + Email
Tip 1 Let's start with your customers. When did you last thank them? Thanksgiving is coming up, so stop and thank those that you rely on for your income. Create a special promotion to let them know how much you appreciate them with a special sale or a gift, event or coupon. Make sure your social media is attached and any review sites your customers use and don't forget to ask for feedback. You can use it to grow your biz in 2015. Need ideas to make something really special, contact me.

Susan Solovic & Liz Harsch Tip 2 Look who I met at Onecon this year! Susan Solovic (Author of It's Your Biz). She has been helping business owners how to find their It for decades. The key she says is finding the thing you do that no one else does. It does not have to be something new but it has to be something you do or have delivered differently. Then she says, create a a repeatable process so you have the time and help to make it. She also suggests we reinvent ourselves over time. So how about it? What's your It? Have you checked your customer's pulse lately to see if you need to tweak your concept or your products? Market research can be as simple as an online survey, a white paper or a phone call. Email me for directions on creating your own online survey today. Create your plan to let your customers evaluate your company's performance and find your It! 
Tip 3  Free Download Do you add Forward to a Friend and Get My Monthly Tips buttons to your monthly newsletter? Do you have a mobile or Email addresses collection program? Social media connections start with an Email address. Set a goal to increase your list. From text to join apps to creating a drawing through facebook, download my FREE Guide to Building Your Email List from my facebook page.  If you don't use Facebook Email me for a copy. 

Tip 4 Are your promotions and campaigns effective?  Read my blog on tips for creating promotions that drive action.  Its all about asking yourself to define your goals before creating your promotions.  Then determine the best tools to achieve your goal. Join me at one of my new #Rock Your Holidays - Social + Email Workshops for more details on how to expedite your campaigns using online tools.

Tip 5 Don't miss my upcoming FREE workshops; Social Media Marketing Plus Pinterest Sells, October 15th in Torrance, CA. and October 29th in Riverside and a new workshop: Social Media Offers & Promotions That Work! in Hawthorne October 23 and Online Campaigns That Drive Action - Designing Offers & Promotions Murietta October 29th.  I will be sharing strategies and best practices to achieve your goals with online tools and drive 4th Quarter action. Two of these workshops are at night for those who can't make days.
Liz Harsch
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