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August is a great month to cement your news subscribers & secure your Social Media plan for the rest of the year!  Start with checking out my tips below, then take a minute to download and read my FREE Guide to Get and Keep Email Marketing Subscribers.  Remember that the more of your target market you can get to sign up for your monthly communications, the more likely you will accomplish your marketing goals. To learn more, don't miss my Pinterest Bootcamp on Tuesday, August 19th in Costa Mesa. I will be showing attendees how to brand and use social media plus Pinterest to achieve their goals (sales or other goals).  If you stay for the hands-on laptop bootcamp, I will help you plan your company strategy to achieve your goals.  Meanwhile, enjoy these tips!

1) What does Pinterest do that the other social media platforms are not able to achieve? Sales and action. There is something about pinning that has the marketing departments worldwide scrambling to figure out. Get some tips on the best practices of pinning from my blog, 7 Pinterest Best Practices. Want to learn more on how to do it, join me at my bootcamp on August 19th and let's create a winning Pinterest strategy for your company.


2) How is your Email marketing list growing? The key to any marketing program today is integrating your Email marketing with your social, online & any marketing to help your past customers and their friends engage with your organization. Without regular updates the public may think your company is no longer around. I've got lots of methods to grow your list and keep in touch using newsletters, announcements and promotions monthly. Get my guide on How to Get and Keep Email Marketing Subscribers. Remember that connecting & keeping your email subscribers will lead to 30% more success so create an effective program now. If you don't use facebook, Email me for your copy of the guide.


3) Did you know that your online advertising options are growing leaps and bounds. You have a lot of alternatives from boosting your likes on facebook to getting your search engine ads to show up to people who have previously visited your website no matter what site they are browsing. To learn more about alternatives for online advertising options, contact me. 


4) When is the last time you reviewed your website to see if it is competitive and if it has what you need to do more business today? Take a minute to visit your top 3 competitors and see what others see when they are comparing you. Need more help? Email me to learn about my website review services to review and compare you with others and also provide suggestions on how to get more from your website.


5)  I have upcoming free workshops in Costa Mesa, Upland, Hawthorne and Torrance, Please click the links below for details.  Meanwhile, read my blog for the updated art specifications for social media platforms.

Liz Harsch
My Upcoming Workshops
Tues. Aug. 19
Costa Mesa
FREE Social Media + Pinterest Sells Workshop Plus Optional Laptop Pinterest Bootcamp ($139)

FREE Social Media + Pinterest Sells Workshop

FREE Building Your Marketing ToolKit Workshop

FREE Social Media + Pinterest Sells Workshop

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