Have a Social Summer!
It is June, can you believe it!  We have a lot of changes that have been going on with Social Media and Marketing online.  Make sure that you are staying up to date and that you are reaching out to your customers cause as I told you today's business owners face a heavy poaching market, so protect clients with communication.  Here are a few tips to keep you up to speed and a downloadable Email Marketing Guide  Don't forget to come to my event on Thursday June 5th in Torrance as we delve deeper into creating Email Marketing that works and get results plus Legal Value Firm will answer our legal questions on Email and Social Marketing.  Join me and Enjoy the Tips.

1) Facebook has made some big changes and one of them really facebook new format affects your business facebook page. When you login it as an Admin it will ask you to Update.  Before you do, take a look at your facebook page and see if you like the way it looks. It is going to put white writing over your image so you may want to change your background image first.  Take a look at my blog with specs on all the new social media page sizes so you are up to date.


2) I am going to be at Legal Value Firm in Torrance on Thursday June 5th 10am teaching an Email Marketing Workshop and Critiquing Emails to help you improve your effectiveness.  Let's network, learn and brainstorm.  Their legal staff will be on hand to answer limited legal questions at the event on social media and other business matters.  Come learn and network and know your rights.  Make sure you check my other workshops below.


3)  Summer is here and you need to make sure you make the most of your sales and donations while the weather is clear for spending money. Shoppers are buying and that means that competition will intensify with new start ups (just like kids) coming up in the spring and summer. Have you contacted your customers lately and let them know what you have that is new or helpful? Don't forget to give them a special offer in addition to any others you are offering for new customers.  Need help on ideas? Email Me.


4) Here is a new guide I am offering to my fans on facebook or to my Free Download Email subscribers. Click here to get the guide on Designing Email Marketing Campaigns that Really Work. Remember to know what you want people to do and if you need ideas, or if you don't use facebook, Email Me. 


5) Constant Contact is giving away a $25,000 Marketing Makeover and I want you to enter.  Here is the link to enter.  When you win, make sure you let them know you want me to help you with that project along with CBS Radio. 


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