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I know you are always looking for ways to keep up with social media and how to use it for your business so here is a FREE guide to help you along, all you need to do is "like" my facebook page and download it there. If you don't use facebook please Email me for your FREE copy. If you need any help give me a call. Meanwhile here's a few FREE tips & Workshops you won't want to miss!

1. Are you using Pinterest for your business? It is the number one direct response (as in sales) social media platform to date. If you don't believe me, check out your favorite products or organizations and see what they are doing. The beauty of Pinterest is that it captures images from websites and hopefully you house those on your website or blog. If done correctly, visitors will pin your images (including the link to your website or shopping cart) and share that pin with their friends. Here is a set of examples on how the TV industry uses Pinterest and here is a link to my boards.  Service, Non-Profits and Manufacturers are using Pinterest, is it right for you? Attend my FREE class on Social Media Made Simple-Plus Pinterest That Sells  in Mission Viejo on Sat 4/12 or in Torrance on 4/17 and other upcoming workshops listed below. Need help? Email or call us 310-791-6300.

2. Are you measuring your social media and online marketing efforts? Remember most business owners have no idea how their website is used will spend lots of money maintaining many pages of their site. What if no one is using those pages? And how about the hours spent on social media? Did you set a goal with whoever is maintaing your social media sites and platforms? Did you tell them your goals? These tools have achievable goals but you need to set them. Consider attending my laptop bootcamp class to learn to measure your online results where you will bring your login and passwords and we will look at your statistics for the results of your website, linkedin, facebook, twitter and other social media tools. Empower yourself with the facts and then you can direct your vendors or staff on how to use their time more effectively. Click here for details. No time for  a class? Email me for a private consulting appointment.

3.  Have you checked your goals lately? I provided you a worksheet to set some sales and marketing goals for 2014. The first quarter is over, so please check your worksheet and see how you are doing. Are you achieving more in 2014? Most companies are saying yes. Are you clear on your next marketing or outreach goal? Check in with your worksheet. Remember that if you don't make time to plan your goals, you will not achieve them. Make sure to make your primary goals clear to your staff so they can help you achieve them as well. Need the worksheet? Download it here
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