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Happy New Year!  Marketing Tips
It's A New Year & You Need a New Marketing Plan-Here's a few tools to help you do it!

Your 2014 Marketing Plan has to change. So here are a few tips to help you do it:

1. Plan out how you are going to reach prospects 7-9 times within in 8 weeks without being annoying. That is how many times you need to make an impression.
2. Don't rely on any one marketing vehicle 100%. Media mixing is the way to go.
3. Read my blog on Mobile Marketing Must Have's.
4. Attend my classes on Social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing. 
5. Attend my analytics workshops for hands-on online tools for measuring your effectiveness.
6. Read my blog on Holiday Marketing, it works for all holidays.
7. Create a Mobile Version of your website - it is mandatory this year.
8. Review your marketing budget now and see how it worked.
9. Try something new - don't stagnate or your results will.
10.Contact someone to help you if you don't have the time to be            consistent.  Email me.

  Liz Harsch
January Workshops to help you plan your Online Marketing for 2014

January 15 Temecula
2 FREE Workshops - The Power of Email Marketing PLUS Getting Started with Constant Contact Email

Come See Me At Let's Jump Start Your Business for 2014!

FREE Workshop -- Mobile Marketing Strategies
January 30 Hawthorne
2 FREE Workshops - Mobile Marketing Strategies PLUS Quick Start Your Constant Contact Email
February 1 Mission Viejo - FREE Grow Your Business Plus Optional Bootcamp: More Effective Email Marketing - Analytics Plus Strategy
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