Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business In November!
Marketing Tips To End 2012 BIG - Check Them Off!
  1. Are you making the most of Constant Contact? Come to our Getting Started with Constant Contact, A Guided Step-Step Tour (Torrance,12/12), (Century City,12/20). Learn how to set up and maximize your emails to add graphics and social campaigns, social share & videos and how to stimulate more results.  
  2. Change your Twitter profile. Get directions on how to update your Twitter profile on my blog (click).  
  3. Create a hit list of the 5 people you should network with to increase your sales by 20%. Then make a plan to connect with each of them 6 times in the near future. 
  4. Start a Social Campaign to build "likes". A Social Campaign is a facebook landing page designed to help you get likes. Simply click here and type "Social Campaigns" and I will send you directions to start one.
  5. Register for one of my FREE Workshops on Social Media and Email Marketing and jumpstart your sales now! Remember to network while you learn! 
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Liz Harsch
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Liz Harsch
Liz Harsch of Tailor-Made Advertising has been helping small businesses maximize their marketing budget since 1988. Awarded by Constant Contact as an All Star Email Marketer Liz is one of only 12 California Authorized Local Experts to present Email and Social Media and other Constant Contact Small Business Workshops. Learn how to improve your traditional or online marketing program by attending a workshop or email or give her a call at 310-791-6300

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