Vol. 2, Issue 3 Summer 2009



In this Summer issue, consider some common sense steps you can take now to save fuel this winter; see how outside-the-box thinking resolved a large-part molding challenge; learn how to consolidate parts with gas-assist molding; and much more. Please add news@mack.com
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Blending Milkshakes: How Tough Can it Be? 
273 parts. 74 suppliers. Motors, linear motion, electronics and plumbing. Learn how it all blends together to make one great f'REAL!

Mack Launches MackMedical
...following nine years of refining quality and supply management systems, hiring specialized staff and adding new technology.
MackMedical manufactures Class III PMA (pre-market approval) medical devices...

More Light, Less Energy
New lighting technology improves light levels and saves enough electricity to power 300 Vermont homes.

Take Action Now to Slash Winter Fuel Costs 
An "old-fashioned"energy-saving campaign yields exceptional results.

Mack Prototype Certifies to ISO 13485
"...most prototype houses and manufacturers our size are not certified to this stringent medical standard," says Mack Prototype President Ric Perry.
Golf car floorboard
Cut cost
Eliminate corrosion 
Outside-the-box plan

Kudos to some, welcome to others! Mack adds talent in several functional areas to better serve you.

There is no limitation to parts you can combine using gas-assist molding...as long as you follow the rules.