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Thursday, July 11

Permaculture around the World Series


Friday, July 12

Christopher Shein Book Signing


Thursday, July 18

Library Opening & Reading Salon


Saturday, July 20

Eliminate Your Lawn Naturally


Saturday, July 27

Tomato Tasting (30 varieties)


July 27 & 28

Natural Plaster Finishes Workshop


Help reduce summertime smog with your own Air Zone.


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Print copies available at the Resource Center


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Refrigerator Open Up to one-third of the cool air escapes every time you open the refrigerator door. Decide what you want to take out before opening the fridge, don't just stand there with the door open.


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Solarize Ojai is Back
July 9 to October 9, 2013


Solarize Ojai is a three-month group purchasing program designed make going solar easier and more affordable for Ojai Valley homeowners. Solarize Ojai will be available July 9 through October 9, 2013. During this time, homeowners in the Ojai Valley can purchase solar electricity at a set, discounted price.

Troy Becker aerial shot
Troy and Jeri Becker, who have roof and ground rack solar panels, will host a press conference to kick-off Solarize Ojai with Supervisor Steve Bennett and Mayor Paul Blatz speaking. Editor's note: Since this photograph was taken, Troy and Jeri have removed their turf lawn - way to go!

If you have an interest in going solar, you are strongly encouraged to attend one of the introductory workshops hosted by CEC and the Coalition. Participants will learn about energy efficiency, conservation, solar energy and the Solarize Ojai program.


Tuesday, July 23 at the Chaparral Auditorium
414 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai - 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.


Thursday, August 15 at the Oak View Park & Resource Center
555 Mahoney Avenue, Oak View - 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.


Tuesday, September 17 at the Ojai Grange Hall
381 Cruzero Street, Ojai - 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.


To apply for "Solarize Ojai" homeowners can go to SolarizeOjai.org for the simple 5-minute application process. Within 48 hours of application, CEC will contact applicants to discuss the process and expectations. Homeowners can also get more information on Facebook.


Some homeowners find the process of getting multiple bids from solar installers to be time-consuming and confusing. This program eliminates much of that hassle and legwork by locking in a set price for all participants and offering an objective third party assessment of the installer.


Solarize Ojai also includes leasing options so that homeowners can switch to solar with little to nothing down. Leases are great options for homeowners who do not have the ability to pay the upfront costs of rooftop panels. Anyone paying around $100 a month for electricity should look at a solar lease as a way to lower their bills immediately.


to read more click here.


Christopher Shein Booksigning


"Any gardener can be a positive asset to the interconnected web of life."
~ Christopher Shein


Permaculture book cover
On Friday, July 12th, the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, the Ojai Valley Green Coalition and the Ojai Retreat will host a book signing event with author Christopher Shein and his newly released book, The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture.


Christopher will be sharing his experiences of the permaculture garden and food forest at Merritt Community College in Oakland, California, where he teaches. The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture is an inspiring, easy-to-follow, information packed guide that is designed to help readers transform their home and community gardens into productive food forests that will feed them for years to come.


The evening talk and book signing takes place on Friday, July 12, 7 to 9 p.m. at the Ojai Retreat, 160 Besant Road, Ojai. A reservation is not required, but a $5 donation is suggested. Author-signed books will also be available for sale at the event.


View the flyer here.


To read more click here.


Summer Salon
and Library Opening
Set for July 18th


The Coalition invites readers to "come feed your environmental soul" at the official opening of our environmental lending library and first reading salon. Come share wine and appetizers at the Coalition's new Resource Center while browsing our excellent collection of books and films, all available to borrow. We have a cozy little seating area set up in front of the windows. Now you can drop in any time 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and check out books for up to 3 weeks and DVDs for a week.


"Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough
A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse-and Thou"


To be one of the lucky 30 to join the Coalition's library opening and Summer Salon, RSVP to membership@ojaivalleygreencoalition.com or call (805) 669-8445. The event Thursday, July 18, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. will feature select readings from books that have inspired us to carry on our work for the earth. We invite attendees to bring a book that has influenced them and read a passage. The Resource Center is located at 206 N. Signal St., Suite S, Ojai. The library opening is free, but donations would be appreciated for the wine offering. Further details will be sent with reservation confirmation.


Share the Invitation.


To read more click here.


Grey is the New Green.


Another dry winter means we must continue to use water wisely, and water shortages in general mean we need to use water differently. We're going to go out on a limb here and suggest ALL of us should have the most basic greywater system installed to reuse laundry or bathroom sink water instead of fresh water for our plants. And did you know, no permit is required for this simplest of systems?


It's amazing that for most homeowners, they use the most water in the yard - by a wide margin. Reusing household water for the landscape is just good sense. Think about it: you paid for it, so why not use it again? Think of investing in a greywater system as investing in water 'futures' for the coming generations.


Services and upcoming workshops to help CONSERVE WATER:


Free Water Audit and Rebates from CMWD


Friday, July 12th
Greywater Workshop in Spanish at Ventura County Hall of Administration


Saturday, July 20th
How to Eliminate Your Lawn Naturally at Flora Gardens


Friday, August 9th
Greywater Workshop at Ventura County Hall of Administration


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