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We hope you are having a wonderful summer. Despite the high temperatures and drought conditions there is still much to enjoy when your garden is abundant with the color of hardy, heat loving native plants and buzzing with the activities of the diverse wildlife it attracts.

To help you with great garden designs for wildlife habitat, or just get started on your native garden, we have planned some fascinating workshops for you.Our wildlife guru and passionate native plant gardener, Teresa Everett, will be revealing the keys to successful native plant gardening and habitat creation in your own back yard. Check our schedule here and mark your calendars!

We'll also be talking about our favorite heat loving plants on our FaceBook page so check there regularly.

Speaking of summer and heat; we will be taking a break from our retail deliveries the week of August 11th -15th. Our Retail Partners will still have your favorites available, Special Orders can still be placed that week, but Special Order deliveries will be delayed by one week.

Hank and Su will be heading off to experience even more intense heat in the Sahel Desert of Senegal at the end of the month. They will visit their daughter and the remote village where she currently lives and works. So please forgive us if our newsletter and updated availabilities come a little late in September. Don't forget our availability information is always available online or just call the office (760-749-33216), we'll be happy to check availability for you.


To see our extensive list of  all our native plants in our inventory download our availability listOur wholesale customers should call us for wholesale pricing, or for contract growing at 760-749-3216. 

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Justicia californica

When the temperatures reach the 100's, as they have been doing here lately, we turn to the desert for inspiration. Justicia californica will not only inspire you to keep gardening in the heat of summer, but you'll be richly rewarded by all the hummingbird visitors the plant will encourage! Known commonly as Chuparosa or Hummingbird Bush, or by its scientific synonym Beloperone californica, this plant is certainly well loved by the hummingbirds! A deciduous bush that does well in desert conditions, it would be a great addition to any desert or dry coastal garden. Chuparosa blazes with color in spring and summer, covered with enticing red tubular flowers. This mounding shrub has small, oval gray-green leaves and needs well-draining, rocky soil. The overall height and width of the bush reaches between 4 and 6 feet. Watering needs range from very low to drought tolerant. "Chuparosa" is Spanish for "hummingbird", and the sweet, nectar filled flowers are a magnet to many kinds of wildlife, including butterflies, hummingbirds, and other small birds.

Every purchase of our "Plant of the Month" at our retail nursery partners will generate a $0.50 donation to PLANT WITH PURPOSE to help villages in third world economies restore farms, plant trees and create local jobs.


Lake Calavera Preserve


Located in the northeast part of Carlsbad, bordering the City of Oceanside, Lake Calavera is an open space preserve that is popular with hikers, mountain bikers and nature lovers.  Lake Calavera Preserve was set aside to conserve natural lands for the protection of native plants and wildlife. Recreational activities, such as hiking and mountain biking, are conditionally allowed, but must be compatible with habitat and species protection.

The Lake Calavera Trails Master Plan was approved in January 2010.  This plan, which identifies authorized trails and trail improvements, was developed by Parks & Recreation with input from the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, Preserve Calavera, and residents.
Helpful explanatory signs will increase your enjoyment of these richly diverse habitats.

Trails access is from;
Carlsbad Village Drive (at Penisula Drive) and College Boulevard
Tamarack Avenue at Strata Drive
Sky Haven Lane near Lake Boulevard (in Oceanside)
Contact Preserve Calavera to find out how to get involved in their volunteer activities. .

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