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April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. Well the April showers did not add up to much but fortunately California's native plants can turn that saying on its head! No April showers but plenty of May flowers! Walking the nursery at this time of year is so rewarding, the native plants really are outstanding in this season, and are buzzing with pollinators. One of our more spectacular blooms are the Matillija Poppies Romneya coulteri which are just opening up their papery giant white blooms for us and for the pollinators to enjoy. We hope you are enjoying the native landscape and getting inspired for more planting projects!


 To hear more about native plant gardening and how to plan a wildlife habitat, attend our upcoming workshops, that will be part of the Mission Hills Garden Tour and Festival at;


Mission Hills Nursery, San Diego, Saturday May 10th at 1 PM


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To see our extensive list of  all our native plants in our inventory download our availability listOur wholesale customers should call us for wholesale pricing, or for contract growing at 760-749-3216. 

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Asclepias fascicularis
Narrow'leaf Milkweed


Narrow-leaved Milkweed is a must have for butterfly gardens. It has a wide native range and is widely found in San Diego county.  It is a perennial with 3' tall stem and large (but narrow) five inch leaves, and a five inch or so flower cluster. Milkweed tends to go dormant in the winter and regenerate the next year.The alkaloids associated with this plant give the butterfly larvae that feed on it protection from predators but if the butterfly has not evolved with that particular milkweed they have no tolerance for the particular alkaloid of the species. In general it is larval food plant for the Monarch butterfly, as well as a range of other butterflies. In our area, this plant is covered with monarch caterpillars during the summer. Asclepias fascicularis can tolerate coastal clays. 
Every purchase of our "Plant of the Month" at our retail nursery partners will generate a $0.50 donation to PLANT WITH PURPOSE to help villages in third world economies restore farms, plant trees and create local jobs.


Marian Bear Memorial Park



  Marian Bear Memorial Park is located in San Clemente Canyon stretching from Interstate 5 to Interstate 805. The park provides a natural setting in the midst of a bustling urban area. The 467 acres of dedicated natural parkland include finger canyons and mesas on the south side with a rich and diverse history.
The park is named for Marian Bear, an active community leader and environmentalist, who worked tirelessly to preserve the canyons in their natural state. She was the driving force behind realigning the highway from the canyon floor to the north hillsides.
The public can enjoy over three miles of mostly flat trails along the length of the canyon. More challenging hiking is available on the trails in several of the finger canyons leading up to the mesa tops. Biking is permitted on the maintenance roads in the canyon; no equestrian use is permitted. Major entries to the park are off Genesee Avenue and Regents Road where parking and picnic areas with restroom facilities are available. 



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