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We wish you a simple Christmas! More and more people seem to be yearning for, and appreciating, a much simpler, less commercial celebration. Our family has been trying to simplify Christmas for  a few years now (not easy with four children raised in the age of technological gadgets  and consumerist excess!) We want to share some of the ways our connection to native plants has helped us shape our holiday celebrations;

Just a hint, it involves Acorns, Toyon berries, Coyote bush, native cypress, wreaths, trees, stars,Wild Chaparral tea and visits to yourlocal independent garden center! Curious?
We think you will come up with many inspiring ideas of your own. Please share them with us on our FaceBook page so we can all continue to simply enjoy the holidays.


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Sphaeralcea ambigua
Desert Mallow 

 Sphaeralcea ambigua 

There is nothing ambiguous about the color this sun-loving, low-water plant will bring to your garden. Desert Mallow produces spectacular orange to orange-red blooms on 1'-4' stems rising above  fuzzy gray-green foliage. Use this plant to add color to a succulent garden or in a desert border where it contrasts nicely with Apache Plume and Beargrass. With a little additional water in summer Desert Mallow will bloom almost year round. Expect height of about 3' with 2-3' spread.  Cut back hard after flowering to encourage fresh growth and a fuller appearance. 

Every purchase of our "Plant of the Month" at our retail nursery partners will generate a $0.50 donation to PLANT WITH PURPOSE to help villages in third world economies restore farms, plant trees and create local jobs.


Grow Native Nursery at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden



Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden isRancho santa Ana Botanic Garden   home to the largest botanic garden dedicated exclusively to California's native plants. 86 acres displaying over 70,000 native plants including a wide array of cultivars. RSABG strives to display, document and conserve the remarkable flora of California.
A visit this month will reward you with views of the Garden's large collection of Manzanitas that flower from late November through early March. Throughout the peak native flower blooming season of March and April, spring wildflowers, perennials and shrubs bloom in waves color. Be sure to see the collection of California Wild Lilacs (Ceanothus) in profuse early spring flower. Summer and fall months provide a more subtle color and texture to the Garden when native fruit and seed ripen.
More recently Rancho Santa Ana has created a full service native plant nursery, Grow Native Nursery. A retail nursery dedicated to native plants! Moosa Creek is proud to partner with Grow Native Nursery. A wide selection of our plants will be available for sale at the nursery, and with weekly deliveries, Special Orders placed through our website will give you easy access to our entire inventory of over 350 native species. Grow Native Nursery hours are; Weds - Sunday 10AM - 4 PM (Nov thru Feb) and Weds - Saturday 10 AM - 5PM (Mar thru May)
For garden hours  check the RSABG website .

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