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$100 Survey Winners
  November 2012

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Plus, the winners of the Favorite Discussible Book Survey $100  prize, the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the Man Booker Prize. And Food by the Book and chances to win a free book--all in this month's Reading Group Choices newsletter.


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$100 Winners: Favorite Discussible Book Survey
Ladies' Home Journal Book Club
Beverly Hills Literary Escape
Food by the Book
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The Man Booker Prize Shortlist
Nobel Prize in Literature
Reading Group Choices 2013 Is Here
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iPad AppWith the launch of our NEW Reading Group Choices FREE iPad App you can access thousands of books selected specifically for great book club discussions.  Search book profiles, scan monthly recommendations, download your favorite titles, receive push notifications of new books and news for reading groups, and link to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with this powerful new iPad app. Enter random drawings for chances to win FREE books, pick up fun and helpful tips and ideas for book club hosts, peruse Ladies' Home Journal Book Club monthly picks, enjoy humorous commentary on book club etiquette, learn from 1-On-One interviews with award-winning authors, and read the free Reading Group Choices Newsletters packed with current titles and book news you don't want to miss. This is the must-have resource you'll need to discover winning selections and fun ideas for your book club.

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$100 Winners: Favorite Discussible Book Survey

So far, three book groups who participated in the Reading Group Choices Favorite Discussible Book survey earlier this year have claimed their $100 prize won in the random drawing. See what these book clubs will do with their winnings:

 Neighborhood Book Club

"My group was very excited about winning, and it has motivated several more to sign-up for your newsletters! We love reading and sharing our thoughts about the books we've read. Usually, we have 8-11 members, and we meet in each other's homes for dessert. We'll use our winnings for a splurge meeting and go out for drinks and appetizers."
Teresa, Neighborhood Book Club, Kansas City, MO


"Thank you, we are so happy to win this wonderful prize! We will read the books we have won and pass them on to other friends and family.The money will be used to purchase cocktails for our next meeting."
Susan, VGLW, East Williston, NY

Sparta Book Club

"Thanks so much! We plan to use most of the $100 prize to buy books for our sponsor, the Sparta Public Library, which provides a meeting place and buys several copies of each of our selections. We also plan to have a wine and cheese party for our November meeting and, thanks to Reading Group Choices, we may have a 100% turnout!"
Carol, Sparta Book Club, Sparta, IL

***If you responded to the survey but didn't win the $100, don't lose hope!  Two respondents (Andrea from Carona, CA and Kay from Davidson, NC) were selected to win $100 in the random drawing, but we haven't heard back from them yet.  If we don't hear by the end of November, the prizes will go to other lucky respondents chosen at random.


Ladies Home Journal Book Club

Heft In the Ladies's Home Journal November book club pick Heft, introspective author Liz Moore writes about how feeling alone in the world can serve as a common denominator that connects people to one another. Arthur Opp, a morbidly obese recluse, narrates the story, reflecting on how his path to isolation developed over the years due to loss and estrangement from family and friends, a battle with a negative self-image, and after being falsely accused of having an affair with the much younger, awkward and shy misfit, Charlene Turner. Years later, Charlene's son Kel Keller enters the story. A talented high-school athlete, he is burdened with fulfilling his mother's dream of joining a more privileged society while simultaneously striving to fulfill his own dreams of becoming a big league baseball player in the hope that it will impress his absent father. However, both dreams become less and less likely as his mother's downward spiral into alcoholism, fueled by a debilitating illness, changes the course of all of their futures.

Read "Conneting to Loneliness" by Reading Group Choices' Neely Kennedy for discussible topics and themes! 


Beverly Hills Literary Escape

On October 19-21, Reading Group Choices (RGC) teamed up with Literary Affairs to honor author Liz Moore with the Medici Book Club Prize for her book Heft at the Beverly Hills Literary Escape--an exciting weekend of unique events designed for the discerning reader.

The second annual Medici Book Club Prize was presented to Moore on Saturday in memory of Medici Founding Patron and former RGC head, Barbara Drummond Mead, who passed away in August of 2011.  Neely Kennedy, RGC's Literary Director, along with RGC's President and Barbara's husband, Charlie Mead, attended the event and were honored on behalf of her achievements in facilitating support and promoting discussible selections for book clubs across the nation.
Literary Affairs and the Beverly Hills Literary Escape Founder and CEO, Julie Robinson says, "Barbara and I worked closely together selecting the best books of the year and getting them recognized with the Medici Book Club Prize. She would have loved this year's selection by Liz Moore." Continue reading...


Food by the Book

One Dish At A Time Looking for recipes for a book club meeting? Trying what to decide to prepare for your annual book club holiday party? We have combined theme-related recipes from Valerie Bertinelli's new cookbook, One Dish at a Time, with selections from Reading Group Choices 2013 Guide. So pick a book and a recipe and have a party!

Summer Manhattan (NYC), pg. 61 - Rules of Civility

For a Tea:
Russian Tea Cakes, pg. 225 - Catherine the Great

Japanese Marinated Cucumber Salad pg. 105 -  Bridge of Scarlet Leaves
The What's On Hand Salad (Inspired by Fatoosh, Middle Eastern), pg. 119 -  Terrorists in Love

Capelletti in Brodo (Italian), pg. 72 -  The Shoemaker's Wife
Mrs. Van Halen's Bami Goreng (Dutch), pg. 197 -  History of a Pleasure Seeker

Key Lime Pie (Key West), pg. 206  -   Hemingway's Girl
Sicilian Love Cake (Italy), pg. 192  -   Bella Fortuna

Enter for a chance to WIN a copy of One Dish at a Time

On the Bookcase Blog Posts

Laura On the Bookcase Author On the Bookcase: Christopher Tilghman, author of The Right-Hand Shore, tells us how his upbringing inspired his novel.

Advice, confessions, reflections, fantasies, delights and flashes of brilliance from Jessica Keener, author of Night Swim.


The Man Booker Prize

Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel The whittling has finished. The judges of this year's Man Booker Prize started with a daunting 145 novels and have winnowed, sifted, culled, and in some cases hurled, until there was only one left: Hilary Mantel's Bring up the Bodies.

Hers is a story unique in Man Booker history. She becomes only the third author, after Peter Carey and J.M. Coetzee, to win the prize twice, which puts her in the empyrean. But she is also the first to win with a sequel (Wolf Hall won in 2009) and the first to win with such a brief interlude between books. Her resuscitation of Thomas Cromwell--and with him the historical novel--is one of the great achievements of modern literature. There is the last volume of her trilogy still to come, so her Man Booker tale may yet have a further chapter.

Nobel Prize in Literature
Mo Yan Novelist Mo Yan, this year's Nobel Prize winner for literature, is practiced in the art of challenging the status quo without offending those who uphold it...

Mo writes of visceral pleasures and existential quandaries and tends to create vivid, mouthy characters. While his early work sticks to a straightforward narrative structure enlivened by vivid descriptions, raunchy humor and farce, his style has evolved, toying with different narrators and embracing a freewheeling style often described as "Chinese magical realism."

Among the works highlighted by the Nobel judges were "Red Sorghum" (1987) and "Big Breasts & Wide Hips" (2004), as well as "The Garlic Ballads." "Frogs" (2009) looked at forced abortions and other coercive aspects of the government's policies restricting most families to one child.

*Article from

Reading Group Choices 2013 Is Here

RGC 2013 Cover Reading Group Choices 2013: Selections for Lively Book Discussions is now available! A lot of care and consideration for you and our book clubs went into this edition, with over 70 titles including summaries, praise, author bios and conversation starters, this guide is essential to book clubs. The guide includes works from book club favorites such as Jeffrey Eugenides, Ann Patchett, Adriana Trigiani, Paulo Coelho,  Julian Barnes, Mitch Albom, Toni Morrison, Esmeralda Santiago, Laura Lippman, and Gillian Flynn. Also you can find rising talent including Erin Morgenstern, Mette Jakobsen, and Natalie Serber. Get the guide and get to discussing!

Order copies for your book club here!


Thanks for keeping the joy of reading alive,

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