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Iowa State University College of Human Sciences students, faculty, staff, and alumni serve as human scientists - applying science and research to improve the human condition. 
Pamela White's four decades of service at Iowa State have helped the world to define what it means to be a human scientist. She's an internationally recognized chemist who is a fellow in three professional societies. Under her leadership, a national survey declared the college's majors among the most meaningful nationally, leading to jobs that make the world a better place.
From medical providers to food scientists, researchers, and educators, people from the college are working to make lives better every day.
Recent apparel graduate Ling Zhang is a human scientist on a mission to help the planet by creating eco-friendly apparel. Associate kinesiology professor Paddy Ekkekakis found that people enjoy physical activity more when intensity decreases during a session - which can help people stick with more healthful routines. And food science alumna Alyssa Randall reformulated seven flavors of yogurt to draw more consumers to eat wholesome foods.
White retires in July as dean and Dean's Chair of the College of Human Sciences. Laura Dunn Jolly, a professor of textiles, merchandising, and interiors at the University of Georgia, will begin on July 5 as the next dean and Dean's Chair of the College of Human Sciences.
Did you know? Fifteen College of Human Sciences students were recently recognized as Student Sensations for their contributions to expanding human potential and improving people's lives. See pages 18 and 19 of Human Sciences Matters Summer 2016 to learn more.
Iowa State's Mission:
Create, share, and apply knowledge to make
Iowa and the world a better place.

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The Alliance for Iowa State is a coalition of Iowa State alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends.
The Alliance advocates Iowa State University's land grant mission throughout Iowa
while focusing its advocacy on state legislators and public policy makers.

The Alliance for Iowa State is maintained by the Iowa State University Alumni Association.