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Wellness isn't just about eating right and exercising.

The Iowa State University College of Human Sciences is helping to improve all dimensions of health and well-being -- from physical to emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, financial, occupational, and environmental.

ISU human scientists are improving early childhood literacy, teaching youth about healthy lifestyles, and demonstrating the importance of the outdoors. As children become teenagers, practitioners employ an evidence-based program to strengthen families and promote positive outcomes.

College of Human Sciences graduates assist athletes with nutrition education and rehabilitate those who are injured. Students develop new and more nutritious food products, and create nutrition labels to help people make better decisions about what they eat. Human scientists teach people to save money and set budgets, and bring people music and dance to improve quality of life. They also help to raise awareness and find a cure for breast cancer.

The college's research aims to revolutionize firefighters' protective clothing to improve their health and safety, and demonstrates how community engagement can improve mental health. Human scientists explore whether fitness activity trackers change the behavior of those who aren't physically active, show the benefits of child therapy, and improve the quality of home visiting programs for at-risk families.

Did you know? Iowa State's impact on health is huge. An Iowa State study found that running for 5-10 minutes a day can help people live longer. In addition, Diane Birt, a Distinguished Professor in food science and human nutrition, was recently elected to the National Academy of Medicine, one of the health field's highest honors.
Iowa State's Mission:
Create, share, and apply knowledge to make
Iowa and the world a better place.

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The Alliance for Iowa State is a coalition of Iowa State alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends.
The Alliance advocates Iowa State University's land grant mission throughout Iowa
while focusing its advocacy on state legislators and public policy makers.

The Alliance for Iowa State is maintained by the Iowa State University Alumni Association.