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With more than 36,000 students attending Iowa State University, the partnership between Iowa State University and the Iowa General Assembly has never been more important. This year, Iowa State is requesting a 4.5% increase ($8.2 million) in recurring funds that will be used to bolster programs and initiatives related to student success.

Since 2005, enrollment at Iowa State has increased by 40% making Iowa State the top choice for Iowans attending any institution in higher education. Enrollment for Iowa State's core disciplines - engineering, agriculture, and the biosciences - has increased by nearly 70% in the same time span. In fact, 50% of Iowa State's students earn degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related fields.

New state dollars will be used to address critical capacity needs associated with the increasing student demand, particularly for programs in high demand by students and employers. Specific examples include:
  • Increase academic advising, tutoring, and supplemental instruction
  • Investments in learning analytics leveraging big data
  • Expand personalized learning opportunities and real-world experiences focusing on STEM
  • Enhance financial literacy and identify low cost paths to obtaining degrees
  • Scale-up online learning matched with technology and flipped classroom spaces
  • Strengthen the student/faculty ratio in effort to keep pace with the seventh consecutive year of record enrollment
    • Current ratio is 19:1 (highest of the regents institutions)
    • Focus will be on STEM areas and combine both teaching and value added research
No university educates more Iowans (21,000) than Iowa State, and demand is high for students once they graduate. During FY15, graduates achieved a 95% placement rate within six months of graduation. Of those graduates who entered the workforce, 66% of the Iowa resident graduates remained in Iowa to begin their careers.

As the legislative session kicks into high gear, please take the time to become familiar with Iowa State University's legislative priorities. For more up-to-the-minute updates from the Iowa Capitol, be sure to follow the Alliance for Iowa State on Twitter and Facebook!
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