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Clinical Skills Lab Director Dr. Frank Cefogli with a couple of the models.
They don't bark, bite, moo, neigh, or kick. They are always on-time and available 24/7 to help students. Some have names like Petunia and Frosty. They are the interactive animal models and simulators in the College of Veterinary Medicine's Clinical Skills Laboratory. Just like the college's human instructors, these interactive resources play a vital role in helping veterinary students develop and refine clinical skills that they will use in future veterinary jobs.
Using models and simulators in the lab, students can learn basic skills such as suturing, collecting blood, or placing an intravenous catheter in a dog or horse. As students' knowledge and skills progress, they learn complex techniques and procedures using more technical aids. Frosty, a Holstein cow pregnancy simulator, gives students plenty of opportunity to assist with her always-difficult births. Petunia, an alpaca model, provides students with practice collecting blood on a species in which the jugular vein is not easy to find. There is even a computer-assisted anesthesia simulation programmed with 15 different scenarios, requiring students to correct abnormalities in the "patient's" response to the anesthesia.
"The lab gives students a safe, and low-stress environment to practice skills so they gain confidence and competence before working with live animals," says Dr. Frank Cerfogli, director of the Clinical Skills Laboratory. "Students can come to the lab for self-directed, mentored, or organized sessions. Feedback is provided to ensure that they are learning the correct techniques and procedures."
Future plans include development of clinical skills experiences and training to supplement specific courses in the curriculum. "Our ultimate goal is to enhance our students' ability to care for patients," Cerfogli said.
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