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It may sound too good to be true, but Iowa State University students majoring in agriculture and life sciences can earn college credit and cash while they gain valuable research experience.

Over the last 10 years, the opportunity to earn and learn has attracted hundreds of students to the Science With Practice program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It allows undergraduates to work closely with faculty and staff on specific projects or assignments, gain academic credit, and earn hourly wages to help pay for their education.

The experiential learning process emphasizes goal-setting and developing a learning agreement, reflecting on their experiences through journaling, and developing a portfolio.

Science With Practice teaches and develops valuable skills for students, whether they plan to go on to graduate school or begin their careers following graduation.

Students report significant improvements in communication and presentation skills, time management, responsibility, organization, self-confidence, and research know-how. They learn how to be more flexible and work together as a team.

Perhaps most importantly, Science With Practice gives students the drive to pursue a dream. One student says her project "gave me an intense taste in working in a world where I want to establish a real career. My drive to pursue this career has grown exponentially. My career track has been accelerated by leaps and bounds, thanks to SWP."

The idea for Science With Practice germinated in 2004 by faculty who intended to provide an opportunity for a meaningful, on-campus experiential internship to agriculture and life sciences undergraduates. The Iowa State University Agricultural Endowment, a nonprofit affiliate organization that has provided more than $1.6 million in student scholarships over the past two decades, provided funding to establish the program, and each year has maintained its contribution by matching funds the faculty mentors pay their students.

Science With Practice is directed by Mike Retallick, associate professor of agricultural education and studies, who ensures academic rigor in the course work that compliments the work experience.
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