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A professor who is elected to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has achieved one of the nation's highest professional honors for outstanding achievement and service in science, engineering, and health fields.

This year Iowa State University has celebrated two faculty members who attained this pinnacle.

The National Academy of Medicine this week announced the election of Diane Birt to its ranks. Birt, a distinguished professor in food science and human nutrition, was elected for her career-long research that expanded the understanding of links between diet and cancer prevention. She also has been influential in laying a scientific foundation on health benefits and adverse effects of plant-based dietary supplements.

Birt is only the second Iowa State faculty member to be named to the National Academy of Medicine.

The National Academy of Sciences in April announced the election of Catherine Kling. Kling, a distinguished professor in economics, was honored for her scientific contributions to natural resource and environmental economics. Her pioneering research on integrated water quality and economic models has helped guide the design and implementation of conservation policies across the Midwest.

Kling was the 11th Iowa State faculty member, and the first woman at ISU, to earn this prestigious honor.

Iowa State is proud of these two extraordinary scientists, their commitment to science, and the impact they have made in Iowa and far beyond its borders.

As new members of the National Academies, Birt and Kling will join distinguished colleagues in providing the highest caliber scientific advice on challenges facing the nation. They will provide input into the Academies' work that helps shape public policy, inform public opinion, and advance excellence in science, engineering, and medicine.

Did you know? Since 1945, Iowa State has had 23 faculty members elected to the National Academies: 12 in sciences, nine in engineering, and two in medicine.
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