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Iowa State University has played a significant role in the response to what some are calling the largest animal disease emergency in U.S. history--the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza.


Since April, the devastating virus has claimed nearly 32 million laying hens, pullets, and turkeys in Iowa. The estimated economic impact is $1 billion, including a direct impact on 1,500 Iowa egg industry jobs.


Iowa State has been a partner with state and federal officials leading the response efforts. The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has worked seven days a week to meet the demand for timely testing of the virus.


The Center for Food Security and Public Health maintains a database for 12 states to use to facilitate movement of eggs from uninfected operations within control areas, as part of a federal secure egg supply plan. The USDA has provided funding to the center to develop training materials, and assemble summaries of lessons learned to prepare for additional outbreak.


Faculty, staff, and extension specialists have provided numerous informational and educational updates to the industry and the public.


The Egg Industry Center has worked directly with Iowa egg producers and allied organizations, providing guidance and options on numerous issues. The center summarized for producers the viability of treating ventilation air and the potential for reducing risk of disease transmission. The center continually assesses markets and economic factors associated with the outbreak.


ISU Extension and Outreach, along with two other land-grant universities, launched a multistate effort to provide research-based resources to families impacted by the crisis. Extension is translating many of these resources into Spanish. Food science and human nutrition faculty provide assurance to consumers on safety of eggs and egg products. Extension's Iowa Concern Hotline has fielded 200 calls for assistance on stress, legal, and financial concerns.


Campus experts and county extension offices continue to answer questions on flocks of all sizes, including 4-H poultry projects. 4-H members received biosecurity information to protect their birds.


Iowa State is engaged in research and development steps to help prevent or be better prepared for another deadly incident. Veterinary medicine faculty are planning a national workshop on developing innovative approaches for avian influenza vaccines. An ISU Research Park company led by emeritus animal scientist Hank Harris, Harrisvaccines, is testing a vaccine to protect birds from the virus. The Egg Industry Center put out a special call for research proposals, which has attracted additional funding from external sources. 

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