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Meet Ned Skoglund '08

West Bend, Iowa

Ned Skoglund ('08 management and marketing) grew up around a small meat-processing operation. As a kid, he trailed along behind his dad, who founded Skoglund Meats, a traditional, small-town meat locker, in 1978. Back then, the company had one or two employees.


After high school, Ned left West Bend to attend college at Iowa State University. At Iowa State, he received a business degree and explored his entrepreneurial spirit, contracting with ISU Dining to remove and process waste cooking oil into biodiesel.


Following graduation, Ned had a successful seven-year career working toward upper management at Archer Daniels Midland, where he got broad business experiences. Last year, he returned to his hometown roots and became re-involved in the family business.


"I hadn't lived here for eight to 10 years, and I could see the decline and the lack of opportunity in rural Iowa," Ned said about his move back to West Bend. "I wanted to do everything I could to reverse that trend. The first step is to have jobs where people can provide for themselves and their families. That's the number one reason people leave rural Iowa. Skoglund Meats provides jobs."


Today, Ned is the owner and president of Skoglund Meats, a successful business that sustainably processes high-quality, local pork, beef, and wild game and also creates premium meat products for national fundraisers. He makes a positive impact in his community, where he employs 12 people, many of whom have worked for the company for more than five years.


"The next phase of our business is to become more of a regional brand than we have in the past," Ned says. "We make some excellent products. We can market our small-town roots and handcrafted process to our advantage.


"Consumers have an appetite for that."


Ned Skoglund's passion for quality food and his drive to improve rural Iowa communities makes him one more example of the 97,000 ISU alumni living in Iowa and contributing to the economic health and quality of life of the state.

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