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Academic majors offered by the Iowa State University College of Human Sciences are considered among the most meaningful nationally, leading to jobs that make the world a better place.


That's according to findings of a national online compensation survey of 1.4 million college graduates by Payscale, an online salary, benefits, and compensation information company. 


Among the ranking of 207 college majors, most College of Human Sciences majors ranked within the top 25. This includes child development at No. 4 followed by athletic training, early childhood education, and sports medicine, all tied at No. 5.


"My major is meaningful to me because I know that teachers play a huge role in children's lives as they grow up," said Bailey Oberbroeckling, a junior in elementary education.


"I have many fond memories of my elementary school teachers," Oberbroeckling said. "They really cared for their students and were concerned with improving student achievement. I hope to become a teacher like them a couple of years down the road. I am very excited to see what a career in teaching brings!"


Other majors ranking high on the meaningful list include human services and early childhood/elementary education tied for No. 12, child and family studies at No. 16, dietetics at No. 17, exercise science at No. 18, and food and nutrition at No. 19. 


Did you know? The College of Human Sciences' motto has been "expanding human potential and improving people's lives." This report shows that our majors allow students to choose meaningful careers that make the world a better place.

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