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Dr. Allbaugh gives Walter an eye exam.

They serve us in many different ways. Some are officers in police departments, some are guides for the blind, others assist the handicapped or perform search and rescue jobs for law enforcement or fire departments. Whatever the job, these working dogs faithfully protect and willingly help us.


To honor them for what they do, veterinary ophthalmologists at the Dr. W. Eugene and Linda Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center will offer free eye-saving exams for certified service dogs during the month of May. The Lloyd VMC is one of many clinics in the U.S. and Canada that will participate in the 8th annual service-dog eye exam event organized through the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.


During a service dog eye exam, ophthalmologists use specialized equipment to look for problems including redness, squinting, cloudy corneas, retinal disease, early cataracts, and other abnormalities.


"We hope to find normal healthy eyes, but if abnormalities are noted we can then discuss their significance and other considerations in light of the individual animal's situation," says Dr. Rachel Allbaugh, one of the veterinary ophthalmologists at the Lloyd VMC.


"It's such a privilege to be able to examine working/service animals," she said. "Eyesight is critical for them, so being able to detect a problem early and treat may be the difference in keeping one of these highly trained animals in service."


Owners of active service and working animals that have been certified by a formal training program or organization can register for the event at Registration ends April 30. Once registered, owners can make an appointment for a free eye exam at the Lloyd VMC by calling (515) 294-4900. 

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