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Governor Branstad, in his Condition of the State address yesterday, endorsed the Board of Regents performance based funding (PBF) model. We thank the Governor for recognizing the importance of PBF and look forward to working with the Iowa General Assembly in securing the dollars necessary to fully implement PBF. Under the PBF model approved by the Board of Regents in June, Iowa State University would experience an additional $6.4 million in operating funds next fiscal year.

For the first time ever this year, Iowa State University's enrollment surpassed 34,000 students with 65% of those students being Iowans. In the last ten years, Iowa State's enrollment has increased by 31%.  Of this growth, nearly 70% is attributed to increases in the College of Engineering and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Statewide economic growth is strongly tied to these disciplines, and because Iowa State is the only institution in Iowa to offer both of these programs it is imperative that they continue to remain strong.


The Board approved PBF model recognizes changes in resident enrollment and will ensure that Iowa tax dollars follow Iowa students. As Iowa State continues to experience record enrollment, having a budget model that takes into consideration market conditions and enrollment trends is critical to maintain the quality of an Iowa State degree. 


Iowa State will invest PBF dollars in student success initiatives such as adding advanced technology to classrooms, hiring additional faculty in key areas, and enhancing academic advising capabilities for students. 


Never before has a new funding initiative been so crucial for the future success of Iowa State University. We look forward to working with the Iowa General Assembly and the Governor to fulfill PBF in its entirety.


Please take the time over the next few days to send a message to your local legislators and ask them to support Iowa State University and full implementation of performance based funding.


More information on PBF can be found here.

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