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Two alumni who wish to remain anonymous recently made a gift of more than $22 million to Iowa State University, benefiting a top campus priority.


The Student Innovation Center is Iowa State's top capital appropriations request this legislative session. The project is a public/private partnership, with $40 million in proposed funding by the state over the course of four years, and $40 million from private sources. This is the first time Iowa State has approached the legislature with a 50% match of funds for a building project.


The 175,000 gross square foot facility will be a highly flexible, dynamic space that encourages experimentation, innovation and interdisciplinary investigation across colleges.


The Student Innovation Center will further entrepreneurial activity by providing students across the university with space designed for start-up companies and collaborative class projects. The center will also act as a hub for student groups such as the Lunabotics Club, PrISUm Solar Car Team, and Cyclone Power Pullers. Locating these groups together will foster even greater collaboration and sharing of resources.


The Student Innovation Center will be a key aspect of improving student retention and success while enabling students to continue the Iowa State tradition of blending science with practice to engage in practical, hands-on experiences they can take into the workforce.


"We are extremely thankful to this wonderful couple for their extraordinary generosity toward their alma mater," said Iowa State University President Steven Leath. "Through their gift, they assure that the mission of this great university will be advanced for generations to come through the creation of a facility that fosters innovative, interdisciplinary learning."

 Iowa State's Mission:
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The Alliance for Iowa State is a coalition of Iowa State University alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

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